10 Rugby Facts You Might Not Already Know

In honour of the upcoming Rugby World Cup, Team Colours thought it would be a good idea to give our readers some extra rugby education. Prince Harry and Jonny Wilkinson recently launched the 100-day countdown until the much anticipated event. The Webb Ellis Cup will now begin to make its way around the country as part of a UK tour. If the cup is coming to a high street near you, read these top facts as great conversation starters.

  1. Rugby is reported to have originated back in 1823 at the Rugby School in Warwickshire. It’s said that whilst playing football, William Webb decided to pick up the ball and run towards the opposing goal. There isn’t much hard evidence to support this story, but the first Rugby rules were drafted around twenty years later in 1845.
  2. Have you wondered why rugby balls have their unique shape? The first ever rugby balls were made from pigs’ bladders by Richard Lindon. Apparently, pigs’ bladders naturally take on the oval shape when inflated.
  3. Despite the fact that The All Blacks, New Zealand’s Rugby team, are considered the best rugby team in the world, America’s team are still in fact the reigning Olympic Rugby champions. The sport was discontinued at Olympic level in 1924.
  4. Unlike most sports, no single team who has won the Rugby World Cup has managed to keep it two tournaments in a row. This certainly makes for an exciting World Cup tournament.
  5. It was actually a rugby coach that created basketball. He wanted to create a form of indoor sporting activity to keep his rugby players fit in between seasons.
  6. Tries are unique to rugby due to the fact that originally a player wouldn’t receive any points for crossing the line. Instead they would get an opportunity to try to kick at the goal.
  7. The first ever Rugby game took place between Scotland and England. Scotland won.
  8. The player with the highest number of international tries is Daisuke Ohata of Japan with a total of 69 tries over 58 matches. Rugby was said to be introduced in Japan by a Cambridge University instructor who taught the sport as an extra-curricular activity.
  9. South Africa is one of the most successful Rugby nations in the world. The sport was initially introduced to the country by British troops who were stationed in Cape Town.
  10. The All Blacks are one of the most famous teams in the world, not only for their skill, but for the cultural Maori war dance that is performed by the players before a game. The Haka is traditionally performed by tribes and cultural groups across New Zealand.

Top Sports for Getting You in to Great Shape

It’s all very well spending hours pounding the treadmill, but when it comes to your overall fitness, there is nothing better than getting involved with team sports. Not only will joining a team enhance your physical wellbeing, it will also do great things for your emotional and mental wellbeing too. Continue reading Top Sports for Getting You in to Great Shape

The Top 5 British Team Sportsmen of All Time

The pantheon of British sports stars is certainly impressive. No matter where you look you see giants like Lennox Lewis and Andy Murray. We have sports stars in every field, every discipline and every sport to boast our abilities as a nation. Some of our nation’s greatest sports stars are the embodiment of the idea that a machine is greater than the sum of its parts. Here are 5 of the greatest team sports stars Britain has produced which have inspired awe in us over the years, while striking fear in the heart of the enemy teams.

Bobby Moore

We simply couldn’t start a list like this without Bobby Moore taking pride of place. Not only was Bobby Moore one of the best defenders of all time, he was a fine captain of the English football team. He took to the pitch with charm and grace 108 times for his country, playing every single minute of each of those matches. Oh, and he won the World Cup for England too.

Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson is one of the finest rugby players our nation has ever seen, leading the English team to World Cup victory back in 2003. Whichever team Martin Johnson graced, be it his home team of Leicester to the British and Irish Lions, his team almost always seemed to win.

George Best

There are few footballers as talented as George Best. Football’s first celebrity and an all-round genuinely nice guy, Best won stardom simply for being the best at what he did, and what he did was dance around the opponents and score beautiful, beautiful goals against them. In fact, we’d go so far as to say he’s one of the reasons Manchester United is so famous around the world today.

Sir Ian Botham

So far our list of sports has been decidedly British, and there are few sports more British than cricket. Sir Ian Botham is one of the greatest cricketers to have ever played for England, and one of the most idolised cricketers around the world. His showmanship and swagger as he took wickets and racked up runs really did make him a fan favourite, both during his time playing and beyond. He has held the record of 149 runs at Headingley since the 1981 series with Australia – a contest which shall forever be remembered as Botham’s Ashes.

Sir Steve Redgrave

Our final Brit in the list of the top team sports starts ever to grace the British Isles is none other than Sir Steve Redgrave – an Olympian who took the goods home for Britain five times. In a row. On top of all that, he’s also won three Commonwealth Games gold medals and nine World championship golds over his career. Not only does that make him one of the best rowers who ever lived, but he’s testament that age is no barrier to greatness. He won his fifth gold medal in Sydney when he was 38.
If you think it’s time you took up a sport, it is well worth joining a sports team in your area. Not only do you get the fitness and confidence boost that come with all those endorphins and camaraderie, but you also get to flaunt your team’s new custom sportswear. Make sure you call Team Colours when you’re in need of new sports clothing today.

Sports for Kids in Summer 2015

As we approach the summer months, the big question for parents is the same every year: how am I going to keep my children busy for that long? While technology has provided easy methods of distraction, these are only a short term fix – there’s nothing more effective than getting them involved in a sport that could inspire them for years to come.

For example, have you ever considered contacting your local athletics club? After the wave of popularity that various sports saw following the triumphant London 2012 Olympic Games, there was a spike in interest and as a result a number of clubs were able to expand to accommodate more and more members. These clubs are perfect ways to keep your child occupied and interested, as the sheer variety of sports means no two days are the same. Children of all ages can enjoy them and with over 1500 across England alone there’s never been a better time to check them out.

Here at Team Colours, we have provided a number of athletics teams with bespoke tracksuits to wear whilst training and in tournaments, and we have seen first-hand just how popular these clubs are. The earlier your child has a chance to explore sprinting, hurdles, pole vault and the like, the more chance you may have of unearthing the next Mo Farah or Jessica Ennis-Hill!

Alongside athletics, football is a clear sport of choice for many kids across the country. However, you’d be surprised to know that the number of kids actually playing on a weekly basis is at the lowest it has ever been – partly thanks to computer games, but also thanks in part to the frequency with which it is shown on TV and the rising ticket prices that have alienated a number of fans.

So why not get in touch with a local football team and get your footie mad kids in a routine that helps them emulate their favourite players? And if there are none formed in your local area, why not take advantage of our personalised kits for kids of all ages and start your own team? After the roaring success of last year’s World Cup in Brazil, make sure that the lack of summer tournaments is replaced by endless days having a kickabout with their friends.

Of course, football is a sport that isn’t for everyone, but that shouldn’t put you and your child off looking into team sports to build their social confidence as well as their physical fitness and interest in sport. For example, have you ever considered hockey? Playable on many surfaces and accessible to boys and girls from all backgrounds, it’s a perfect way to pursue that competitive spirit and isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg to kit the kids out.

With our ‘design your own’ tool, you’ll be able to hand pick the finer details of the hockey kit for your new club to ensure that they look the part when they get out onto the court for the first time. It’s a sense of pride that is difficult to harness, but with the help of our team of experts here at Team Colours it is something you can achieve in no time at all.

For more information on how to create the dream kit for your child’s summer sports team, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

5 Reasons you Need to Learn Netball Now

Netball players are certainly a gutsy bunch. These are team players that know how to take the good with the bad. Their losses make them humble and their successes give them that buzz that makes life so exciting. Playing netball really can equip you for life – here are Team Colours’ five reasons why.

Decision making

A netball girl knows how to make decisions, and fast. When you catch the ball in netball, you have only three seconds to find your feet, survey the court, assess the defence and find a suitable team mate to pass the ball to. That’s a lot of big decisions in a very small time frame that could cost the team the entire game. When it’s your time to shine, skills you have learnt from netball will help you to make accurate and speedy decisions that will allow you to keep playing.

Sucking it up

A netballer truly knows that sometimes you’ve just got to suck it up and get on with it. There will be times in your life when you’re not as good as the rest of your team, or you’re a little off your game. This is when you may be relegated to Wing Defence. Everybody has Wing Defence moments in life. Netball will teach you that you need to own these moments just as much as your time in Centre or Goal Attack. It’s all about making it your own and riding it out – netball will certainly teach you this.


A huge part of netball is interception and netballers will master this early on. Intercept too early or too late and you could lose the whole game. Timing is everything and knowing that every angle and every second can make a difference is certainly an important life lesson to take away.

Getting stuff done

Any netballer will tell you that it’s an incredibly fast paced game. Short, sporadic movement for over an hour makes for hard training, but offers fantastic results. Not only will your body benefit, but you’ll feel the benefits of being on the go. Come crunch time, netball will help you to develop your speed and efficiency.


We’re not just talking muscles here. Everyone knows the excellent benefits that joining a team sport can provide. However, netballers are also flexible enough to take on a number of different roles without a fuss. Netball positions are constantly reshuffled and reorganised in order to develop skills in all areas. Netballers have the variety of skills in order to have the confidence to take on a new challenge that is entirely out of their comfort zone. Learning flexibility with your team will help you both in your professional and personal life. So, what are you waiting for? Get your netball dress on, find your netball trainers and let’s get training!

5 Alternative Benefits of Joining a Sports Team

We all know the major benefits of joining a sports team. You’ll get in great shape, you’ll learn leadership skills and you can have fun all at the same time. We’re told time and time again all the way through school that joining a sports team is one of the best things you can ever do. However, not everybody is motivated by the idea of getting fit and making new friends. Some prefer the solidarity of working alone. However, here at Team Colours we’ve come up with five alternative benefits for joining a sports team that you might not have thought of.

Reaching decisions faster

Everybody has struggled with decision making at one point or another. You can be the most confident and self-assured individual and still falter when it comes to making important decisions under pressure. Joining a sports team is one of the best ways of making decisions faster and more efficiently than before. You’ll learn that hesitation at a crucial moment could cause a loss for both you and your team. Being able to assess a situation with speed and accuracy is a skill that will benefit you in all aspects in life and is an ability that you will come to treasure.

Being more aware of others

You may think that you are aware of other people, but joining a sports team will enhance this skill enormously. Working as a team will help develop an acute awareness to the body language, mood and personality of others. In the heat of a sporting moment, you need to be able to read your team mates like a book. This skill is invaluable in life and you will benefit greatly from being able to effectively consider your friends, family or colleagues when it comes to making decisions. It will no longer be about what is just best for you, but about what the best possible outcome is for everybody.

Managing stress more effectively

We all know that exercise relieves stress- something which has been proven in endless scientific studies. The regularity of team training, seeing the same people every week and coping with high intensity situations on a regular basis will all help you to manage stress, rather than just relieve it. Working out at the gym may relieve your stress temporarily, but it won’t teach you how to manage your stress effectively in the long run.

Improving your social skills

Depending on your line of work and your home life, you may not have much interaction with others on a day to day basis. We are living in an increasingly digitalised world, and many of us spend more time interacting with our computers than we do with each other. Before too long you may have forgotten what it was like to interact with other people on a daily basis. This isn’t healthy for any of us and especially those who found socialising difficult in the first place. Pushing your boundaries and joining a sports team will give you a unique opportunity to enhance your social skills. A sports team incorporates all of the same values that you should aim to incorporate into your day to day life. Communication, co-operation, approachability and camaraderie are all skills that will add great value to your life.

Increased motivation

Being self-motivated is a fantastic personality trait. If you’ve got a pep in your step and get up and go all year round, you are one of the lucky few. Many people believe they have high levels of motivation, but there is a fine line between motivating yourself and piling up the pressure. Being part of a team does wonderful things to your self-confidence. The support of a team can really motivate you to approach day to day tasks with a positive attitude. You will find yourself wanting to rally up a team spirit wherever you are.
To really feel the part, it helps to look the part, so when it comes to team unity, a custom sports kit goes a long way. At Team Colours this is our speciality so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

5 Different Sports You Need to Try This Summer

If you’re bored of the bland and boring gym environment, you may be tempted to alter your fitness regime this summer. While there are plenty of fitness regimes that can be enjoyed alone in the heat of the summer sun, such as running and cycling, there are also a number of sports that may be even more beneficial. Taking up a new sport will provide you with an enhanced skill set, an opportunity to train different muscle groups and could also be a great way to socialise with other fitness enthusiasts. Here are five sports that Team Colour’s think you need to try this summer.

Get into the spirit of Wimbledon by taking up tennis this summer. It’s never too much of a challenge to find a spare tennis court, but ideally you want to make the most of the sun and find one outside. No matter whether you are playing with beginners or professionals, you are sure to be getting competitive. Tennis can help you to burn around 550 calories an hour, so if you are looking to lose weight this may just be an ideal choice.

Start practicing indoors in the colder months and come summer you will be ready to play your first round of beach volleyball. If you love to be beside the sea during the summer months, beach volleyball is a fun sport that you can enjoy at your favourite beach locations. With every serve you will be toning your arms and the dynamic nature of the game will help you to build great abs, legs and chest muscles too. Volleyball is just as easy to enjoy in the city, so leave your bikini and get dressed in your volleyball kit if you want to enjoy the sport all year round.

Golf may not look like a sport that is particularly active, but it does involve more endurance than you may first realise. There’s a lot of walking and there is certainly a lot of hitting practice. You will still have a chance to relax in the sun and enjoy soaking up the rays without enduring the pressure of an intense workout. With lightweight and comfortable golf kits, you will be able to keep cool and dry whilst burning around 300 calories an hour.

If you prefer a sport that is a little less regimented, you are sure to love the flexibility that orienteering can bring. Take a hike to some of the best natural environments in your area and test your physical fitness. Orienteering is all about exploring and navigating new landscapes, so map a plan and take a whole day to test your endurance and stamina. There’s nothing better than enjoying sunny summer views and exercising at the same time.

For many, sport is all about being on a team and focusing on a goal. Bowls is a great sport to play if you want to develop your team skills and improve your hand-eye co-ordination. The sport is somewhat of an art form and is incredibly popular in warmer European countries where outdoor living is all part of the lifestyle. Get some friends together, start a team and practice your perfect bowl on warm summer evenings. With the right kit, you may even be able to enter local competitions.

The Benefits of Having a Custom Football Kit for Your Team

Football is a way of bringing people together, and when you play or watch local teams it’s a great tool for inspiring a sense of community and excitement. Whether your team is watched by hundreds or just a few passers-by it’s important everyone looks their best and that there’s a portrayal of a real team ethic. It helps to show you’re organised and also encourages the crowd to cheer your team on to victory.

The most important aspect of your team kit will be the colours, as this will go on to represent what people think when they hear the name of your team. Choosing a unique colour scheme is important to prevent your team from being mistaken for another one, as it sets you apart and helps you to stand out in people’s minds.

Custom football kits can promote a sense of equality and team spirit amongst players and fans. When a new player joins a team they will feel truly accepted the first time they can pull on their customised kit. It could even go on to impact player performance, with members of your team working harder for each other knowing they’re involved in a professional looking club. This feeling of togetherness can really produce results on the field.

If you seek funding from players to contribute to the custom kits then it could also work to encourage a higher level of commitment. If they’re using their own money they are less likely to pull out of your team at the last minute and it’s a sign that they want to stay for the long term. Players dropping out of teams during mid-season is always a hassle and this can be seen as one method of solving the problem.

As well as all these benefits, it’s important to remember that creating a custom football kit is above all a fun activity. You can let your creativity flow by experimenting with different colours and designs. You could also design your own logos and badges if you’re feeling really adventurous, and they will go a long way to giving your team that extra refined look. You could even survey the team and see which colours they’d like to see, and possibly even have a vote if you want to drum up some team spirit.

Throughout the kit design process you need to ensure your strip is being handled by a company with years of experience in giving people exactly what they want. Team Colours produces high quality custom football kits that can help to make your team stand out in an exciting and professional way. Check out the customised design tool today to see what you can make up, and have Team Colours get back to you with a free quote.