Our must have items to keep you warm on and off the pitch this Winter!

As the days are starting to get colder, we are going to need a few more layers to keep us warm on and off the pitch. Here at Team Colours we have many products for you to choose from, all of which can be customised with a choice of styles, colours, logos and a wide range of sizes. Many of our products also have the option of either cut and sew where logos, numbers names etc can be printed onto the garments for you, or sublimation where any design can be printed into the fabric of the design allowing any customisation at no extra cost. Embroidery is also available on many of our products.

Here are just a few of our products for you to choose from:


Hoodies: We can provide you and your team custom hoodies to wear proudly. These are great to wear before or after a game, with designs that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. All styles and sizes available as well as the option for sublimation allowing any design you desire to be printed.hoodies


Sweatshirts: Personalised sweatshirts make perfect teamwear for your company or your team. They are specially designed so that we can adapt the colours of any style to suit your requirements. Zipped or unzipped options. Two styles available for the cut and sew option or any design you desire with sublimation.sweatshirts


Onesies: Onesies are a great club leisurewear product to lounge around in after a match, at home or on tour. They are super soft and comfortable and will keep you toasty warm.  Fully customisable with your choice of styles, colours, hood linings, logos & sizes, and feature front zip and side pockets on front of top and side of bottoms.



Baselayers: (tops, leggings, shorts and baselayer onesies) Baselayers are great for added warmth to wear under your team kit or training gear. There are a wide range of colours and sizes available, handy for matching them to your team kit. Fully customisable with logos or names etc.



Bodywarmers: Bodywarmers are great for on and off the pitch, with a super soft fleece lining they provide added warmth to wear over your team kit or training gear. We offer a wide range of styles and sizes available in many colours. Fully customisable with logos or names etc.



Leggings: Leggings are great for training. Comfortable, warm and easy to move about in, why wouldn’t you want a pair. These are also a great option for dance or as a baselayer under your kit. They come in a choice of lengths and can be sublimated with any design or printed with logos and/or names etc.


Jason Kenny, An Inspiration To Us All!


Jason Kenny, British track cyclist, is a sporting hero in our eyes. At 28 years of age he has achieved a lot and topped it all off at this year’s recent Olympic Games where he took home 3 gold medals.

Jason was only 20 years of age when he won his first gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the Team Sprint. In the 2012 Olympics, he defeated his great rival, the Frenchman Grégory Baugé by winning gold, and won another gold in the Team Sprint also. This therefore means that Jason, alongside fellow track cyclist Sir Chris Hoy, holds the highest number of gold medals for a British Athlete. We cannot imagine how amazing that must feel for him.

Jason started competing at a high level from around the age of 15 and grew from strength to strength from then. Born and bred in Bolten, the leisure centre at the Bolten One Complex has now been named after him.

Jason is just one example of hundreds of successful athletes across the world that we can look to for inspiration with our own sporting endeavours. Whether or not we would ever want to compete at professional or Olympic standards, seeing what these people have done and can do, can only motivate us to train that little bit harder and aim that bit higher.

Here at Team Colours we want to see everyone succeed and we love to be able to help you realise your potential. If you would love to get involved in cycling, you can look on the British Cycling website on how to get involved.

If you are already a keen cyclist, involved with a club or team then check out our range custom cycling clothing and see what we can do for you today.

Walking Netball

Have you ever heard of walking netball? Well if not we will tell you all about it here. You never know, it might be exactly the activity that you have been looking to get involved with.

Did you used to play netball when you were younger? Or do you have an injury that stops you from running around as much as you would like? Walking netball is aimed at people like you. It is netball; the rules are more or less the same, but you cannot run, you have to walk. So, basically it is just netball at a slower pace.

Walking netball is great if you are looking for a social sport where you can meet people and get fit and healthy at the same time. It’s important to keep as active as you can as you get older or while you are recovering from an injury, and participating in the game will improve your energy levels and increase your strength and your flexibility.

Because you must walk instead of run, England Netball have recommended some rules which are good to follow to make the game run as smoothly and effectively as possible.

  • The players must have one foot on the ground at all times
  • An extra step can be taken when a player receives the ball
  • A player must receive the ball with one foot on the ground and then take two steps while in possession of the ball before it must be thrown or shot
  • An extra second is allowed while in possession of the ball, which should help improve ball placement
  • A player can throw the ball within 4 seconds of receiving the ball


On the England Netball website, they have a netball finder that can help you find out if there is a class near you. If not you could always set up your own club. Having a netball kit would be very beneficial for comfort while playing or for leagues and competitions you may enter with your team. Make sure to look no further than Team Colours who can offer you a wide range of team wear to suit all your needs.

Watch this video to learn more.


What Do Your Team’s Colours Say About You?

Choosing a colour scheme for your team is really a very important decision for many reasons, and one that you should take some time and care over. When my team were choosing our colours, we took weeks before finally deciding on the colours that were right for us!

If you are designing your team’s kit, you want it to stand out from the crowd and be noticed, so you need to make an informed decision on the colour/s you choose for the kit. Every colour and shade can represent different emotions and certain associations, so you want to be aware of how your team might be portrayed.

It might help you to look at the colours below and their common associations when making the decision of choosing your team’s colours. It’s also important if you think about how a particular shade or tone of a colour can change its perception or how it changes when different colours are combined together.

RED- strength, defiance, aggression, power, sensuality, attention grabbing

BLUE- coolness, calmness, intelligence, serenity, power, coldness

YELLOW- optimism, friendliness, warmth, fun, alertness, caution, fear

GREEN- balance, harmony, nature, peace, dread

PURPLE- luxury, spiritual awareness, truth, decadence, importance

ORANGE- warmth, comfort, fun, stimulating, caution

PINK- femininity, nurturing, calming or powerful (depends on tone), youthfulness, love

GREY- neutrality, professionalism, tones down other colours, blandness

BLACK- sophistication, glamour, security, menacing, strength, power, oppression

WHITE- peacefulness, reflection, purity, simplicity, sophistication, coldness, elitism

BROWN- seriousness, warmth, nature, earthiness, support, heaviness


When choosing kit colours, it can be a good idea to get your team together to discuss colour options and to see how your team members perceive different colours. This proved really helpful when I was designing my team’s kit. Here at Team Colours we offer samples and swatches of colours and materials to help you decide!

If you already have a logo or crest for your team, you need to take this into consideration when choosing the kit colours. It might be a good idea if you match the colours to your logo or choose colours that compliment the logo. The placement of colours on the kit can also be important. You don’t want to choose for example, a black colour for the main body of your t-shirt or dress, if your logo is already black, as the logo will just get lost. It is not ideal to have to change the colour or some elements of your logo, just so they can stand out but if you did need any amendments just ask, as one of Team Colours graphic designers will be happy to work with you!

Here at Team Colours , as the name suggests, colour is very important to us. We love being able to let you choose your kit colours and designs and therefore we hope this article can prove to be helpful to you and your team.