A Summary Of Netball Rules And Netball Positions

Jenny Netball Kit
Jenny Netball Kit

Netball has rules which are pretty easy to follow and can be divided into minor and major rules. If a minor rule is broken the opposition will get a free pass but if a major rule is broken the opposition will get a penalty pass. These passes are both taken from the spot where the rule was broken but with the penalty pass the player who broke the rule must stand out of the way.  Also if a penalty pass is awarded in the goal circle then the shooter can take a free shot at the goal.

In netball you cannot step with the ball or hold onto it for more than three seconds, you cannot make bodily contact of any kind such as pushing or tripping and you cannot bounce the ball more than once.

In netball a player is offside when they move out of their own allocated area, with or without the ball. The ball cannot be thrown over two transverse lines without being touched and the ball is out of court if it comes into contact with anything, apart from the goalpost, which is outside the court area.

If the ball does go out of court a player will throw it back in with their foot close to the line and they must throw in less than three seconds.

Minor rules cover situations such as footwork, space, ball control, the three second rule, toss ups and court boundaries.  Major rules focus on bodily contact and goalposts contact.

See an in depth explanation of Minor Rules

See an in depth explanation of Major Rules

Netball Postions

There are seven players and seven positions in netball each with a specific role to play.  Each position has allocated areas of the netball court where they are allowed to play.

Each position has a main role to play:

GS (Goal Shooter) – her objective is to score goals whilst working in and around the circle with the GA (Goal Attack)

GA (Goal Attack) – she feeds to and works with the GS to score goals

WA (Wing Attack) – she feeds the circle players to give them shooting opportunities

C (Centre) – she takes the Centre Pass and is the link between the defence and the attack

WD (Wing Defence) – she looks out for interceptions and aims to prevent the WA from feeding the circle

GD (Goal Defence) – she aims to win the ball and reduce the effectiveness of the GA

GK (Goal Keeper) – she works with the GD, to prevent the GS from scoring goals

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