Best Netball And Fitness Tips

Kathy Netball Kit
Kathy Netball Kit

Netball is a combination of fitness, passing skills, being good on your feet and tactics.

Olivia Murphy, former England Captain, said in an interview with the BBC that no matter what stage you are at there is always room for improvement.

In netball passing is the most important skill, so practice passing to anyone who will help you in your garden or on court.  If there isn’t someone around to help you can use a wall, on which you can make targets with chalk.  Make these targets a variety of heights so that you can hone your skills for different passing from the chest, overhead, shoulder and bouncing passes.  Change the distance from the wall to give yourself various challenges which will happen in a netball match.

Good footwork is highly important so practice using your feet in different ways making them more flexible.  Enjoy using space as pacing how you will run, either jogging, sprinting and moving in different directions.  Practice side stepping, as well as going forwards and backwards.

Build up your stamina with regular exercise and find ways to incorporate this into your daily routine.  If you are going to school try to jog to school.

Healthy Diet

Take care of your diet as for fitness and stamina a healthy diet is central.  Fruit and vegetables are very important for a healthy body but should be part of an overall balanced diet.  This means that you should consume a variety of foods from each food group. The food groups are as follows:

  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Milk and Dairy Products
  • Meat, Fish, Beans, Eggs
  • Rice, Pasta, Potatoes and Bread
  • High Fat/Sugar Food or Drinks


Never underestimate the power of stretching.  It makes you flexible, stronger and improves your performance.  When you exercise or play netball or any sport, your muscles have a certain length to which they stretch and contract.  If you do good stretching exercises the stretching length of your muscles can be improved.

Stretching also improves blood flow which is good for your muscles and even more so if you are recovering from an injury.  You should check with your physio how soon after an injury to start stretching again, as it can be dangerous to start too soon depending.

Holistic Approach

Take a holistic approach to these aspects of your life as they call contribute towards how good a netball player you can be.  Think of your body as a well tuned engine and make sure you give it all it needs to perform at its very best.

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