Netball Major Rules Explained

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Let’s look at the major netball rules.

There are two major rules in netball.  One is regarding physical contact and the other about moving the goalposts.

Netball Physical Contact
As netball is not a contact sport the players are not allowed to make any contact with each other whatsoever.  If a player does not have the ball an opposition player can mark that player but they can never touch them nor attempt to take the ball if passed to them from under their nose.

When physical contact does occur a penalty pass is awarded.  The netball physical contact rule is so strict that even an accidental incident of physical contact with another player can result in a penalty pass.

When a player does have the ball any player marking that player must be at least 3 feet away from them.

Moving the Goalposts
When a player is caught leaning on the goalpost a free pass will be given.  If a player tries to move the goalpost a penalty pass will be given.

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