Bespoke Clothing Making the Difference

A bespoke clothing solution can undeniably provide a quality edge. Whether it’s a promotional event, staff uniform, sports clothing or unique printed garment, the unique appeal of specifically crafted clothing can add a subtle touch of sophistication or a bold branding statement.
Quite often the standard selection of stock clothing is a decent option for printers and embroiderers, with aim to focussing on their embellishments. A wide market of designs and options will often provide the answer and fulfil the essential requirements, but can often be a situation of finding the best suited products from a limited series of alternatives. On these such occasions, the simplicity of creating a new original in your own choice of colours and fabrics means the garment is made to fit its exact purpose and does away with the next best alternative. In certain scenarios the quality and finish of custom made products can have a massive impact and memorable style, leading to greater awareness and return on investment.

All of this is the speciality of one of the UK’s leading made-to-measure manufacturers, Team Colours. And the way the company goes about producing the finished article is the key to its success.

The way a garment is cut, the exact shape of an inset panel, the style of the collar, the fabric quality – and of course, the colours. All of these factors and many others can be tightly controlled, and in this way a custom-made item is produced.  A bespoke garment will be distinctly different from a stock off-the-shelf solution. In this way a company can match precise requirements, and thereby achieve maximum visual impact for its client.

At Team Colours the solid belief is in the diversity of bespoke manufacture; the perfect way for the Printwear and Promotions industry to generate new ideas and boost interest.

Based in Hertfordshire and established for over a decade, Team Colours are a custom sports and leisurewear manufacturer with a keen focus on meeting customer demand. Being able to match any existing design or help to create entirely new solutions are a key part of the company ethos. Exploring the website offers all manner of design and colour options, so that customers can actively create their own unique style online.

Director Rosemary Carter explains. “Before you can arrive at a perfect style, a basic starting point is always useful. For a customer, the idea of designing from scratch a teamwear or leisurewear garment to suit exactly his/her needs, would probably be a daunting prospect. That’s why our website is choc-full of ideas – all kinds of sports kit and teamwear garments, as well as many other leisurewear lines. And that’s why we have concentrated so much effort and ingenuity into providing as many options as possible online.”

And that’s only the start. “Each individual item has its own range of colour options to provide for most requirements.” Rosemary continues, “And because many garments feature contrast panels, contrast collars and sleeves, and other detail – that amounts to an incredible range of choices for any client to explore.

“Or if preferred, you can paint in your own design choice online. You will find ‘Designer Tools’ for many types of custom sports and leisurewear items.” The Designer Tools feature has many basic design options, enabling you to choose garment detail – and to colour in the whole ensemble. You can even place your logo, brand name or message in position – giving a finished picture of your garment, front, back and side.

It is this attention to helping the customer pinpoint exactly the garment for his/her needs that makes the Team Colours website probably the most sophisticated in the business, and very rewarding to explore. A comprehensive range of sporting activities is featured, and for each sector, as well as numerous styles of actual team kit, there are complementary teamwear garments – for example, tracksuits, warmers, fleeces and sweatshirts.

This then is the complete service for industry professionals looking for a unique garment solution – for that unique difference that can only come from bespoke, Team Colours can certainly make that difference.

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