How To Be Great At Orienteering

how to be great at orienteering

Check out our simple orienteering tips to help you be great at orienteering.

Look around– Although your orienteering compass is essential, you need to train yourself to navigate by looking at features of land.  This will improve your natural skills and you can never tell if your compass might break.

Learn good map skills-Each time you look at your map you should take as much information from it as possible.  The map should always be in the direction that you are running and you should be in contact with it by looking at it every ten seconds approximately, while also using your compass.

Post race analysis-After each race mark out your route on your map and analyse where you did well and where you could have improved.  Post race analysis is key to improving performance.  Also talk to others about their route and race.

Slow down-Take it easy especially when you are new to orienteering.  Making calm decisions can make up for not running too fast.  You should only run as fast as you can orienteer.

Vary your training-As orienteering can require running up and down hills and over rough ground, it can help to engage in varied training.  Strengthen your legs with resistance exercises and vary your cardio work with interval training to take in hills.

Throw a ball-To help you be balanced especially when on rough terrain, do a ball throwing exercise with a friend.  Use a medicine ball, stand on one leg and throw the ball back and forth aiming to go slightly out to the sides of each other.

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