How to Choose Your Perfect Netball Kit

netball kits

When you’re playing netball, there are a few things you will need. Shoes, of course, and a bib, and a dress or bodysuit are all part of netball kits. You might think that as long as it’s in the right colours, all will be well, but not all garb is made equal.

Choosing the wrong clothes for your netball kit will result in disappointment. If it doesn’t fit or breathe properly, you won’t enjoy your game experience and you’ll regret spending the money.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing netball kits.

Choosing Netball Kits-Shoes

Since netball is a very active and dynamic sport, your shoes will need to be up to the task of fast turning, sharp deceleration and jumps. They will also need to deal with perspiration, because your feet will sweat just like the rest of the body. Some people prefer leather upper on their shoes, but the synthetic materials used in shoes nowadays are of such advanced quality that they are often better than leather.

Whichever you prefer, they should provide stability, good shock absorption and enhance your mobility, and they should neither be too big nor too small. You’re moving around a whole lot in them and you do not want blisters. Believe me.

Choosing Netball Kits-Upper Garments

Whether you want to wear shorts and a top, a dress, a bodysuit or a top/skirt combo, make sure that you get them in the right sizes. There’s nothing worse than something too wide when you’re moving around fast and perspiring. The excess cloth will ride up against your arms and legs and after a while your skin will start to chafe, which is possibly even more unpleasant than blisters on your feet.

Aside from that, any extra long or extra wide clothing flailing around you when you move will slow you down, and that’s not going to help your game. Similarly, clothing that is too tight on your body is going to be a major nuisance.

Choosing Netball Kits-The Right Material

Another thing to consider is the material. There is eyelet fabric, which is the most breathable of all, but it can also feel chilly on some people, because the fabric is so open that even the slightest breeze chills the sweat on the skin. Great for some people, but not for all.

If eyelet fabric isn’t for you, there is the choice between lycra and meryl fabrics. Lycra has been around for ages and is extremely comfortable. It breathes and adapts perfectly to the body. Meryl also has these two important characteristics, but the extra benefit is that meryl is bacteriostatic. That means less odour, because the smell of sweat does not come from the sweat itself, but rather from the bacteria that live on the skin and interact with perspiration. They are the cause of unpleasant odours, so by choosing Meryl, you will feel a lot fresher after a game or practice session.

I hope these simple tips will help you find your way when choosing your gear from the huge amount of netball kits available in shops online and offline. Remember: netball kits are not just for show: They should help you play at your best by being as unnoticeable as possible. Make up your mind carefully before buying your netball kits and don’t let the wrong size or type of kit spoil your netball game.

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