Football Kits And Football Shirts-Trends And Reactions Unveiled

Us football fans know that football is a fantastic sport but also it is like a way of life for some of us.  We take a keen interest in everything that is football related, which can be the changing styles of football kits to what’s the latest gossip about football players and even their families.  A good example is the case of Romeo Beckham– as if it is not enough that David Beckham is a fashion icon, his son Romeo, of all of eight years of age, has made it into the 26th spot in GQ’s magazine for Britain’s best dressed men.  This is the kind of thing that catches our attention as well as the changes in our team’s football kits.  Let’s look at a few of these.

yellow football kit

For their most recent kit decision, Sheffield Wednesday conducted a vote for what colour and design they should wear for the new season.  The club were grateful to the supporters who voted on the subject and a football kit which incorporates both silver and retro stripes was the winner of the vote.

World Cup winners Spain, known as the Red Fury, unveiled their new away football shirts in late 2010.  These will be worn for the first time in their Euro Qualifier match against Lithuania on March 29th 2011.  The unique feature of this shirt design is a golden star, which sits above the football federation crest, and commemorates their 2010 World Cup victory.  I guess in this case the idea is the remind opponents of their status while they still hold it.  The shirts have a white base colour with red and yellow features.

The Red Devils, Manchester United, have changed from a black base colour to a white base colour for their away football shirts.  The sleeves will sport black and red chevron, with fabric on the back which will be meshed in chevron shapes with a zig zag effect, which will become narrower as it travels down the spine.  The sponsor’s logo will be on black and the manufacturer’s logo will be in red.  However fans have a mixed reaction to this new design looking at comments online, in fact some feel sorry for the players who have to wear it, whereas others really like it.

Barcelona who are the Spanish League Champions has gone green with their new home and away kits.  Shirts are made from eight recycled plastic bottles, and they have kept their traditional blue and red stripes and yellow collar.  Barca fans are mostly positive in their reactions about the kits, although there are a few sniping comments about the manufacturer.  The strange thing is that not many fans seem to think that it is important that their team is recycling plastic bottles.

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