Ladies Football Kits Online Designer Tool

Team Colours has an excellent custom ladies football kits online designer tool where the ladies can design their own custom football kits.

Team Colours, the UK custom sportswear manufacturer and designer, are delighted to offer this quality, affordable range of ladies football kits.  The range starts off for as little as £13.70 for a kit, with a variety of styles available from retro to plain styles such as Fortuna to originally designed football kits like the Classic Football Kits.

football kits custom online designer tool

Yet Team Colours are taking it one step further by offering their extremely easy to use online designer tool.  This tool is a great help to tailor the most suitable bespoke women’s football kits, in the comfort of your own home, office, school, club or university.

The ladies football kits custom designer tool has 7 simple steps to follow which means that teams can have a fresh kit design ready on the computer in a matter of a minute or so.  If you are not happy with the first effort all you have to do is keep on re-designing until you hit the design that fits your team.

The first step is to choose the style to work from, and then decide whether you want short or long sleeves.  The third step is fun as you choose from a great selection of colours to make some great designs online until you find the one that most suits the team.

Next step is to select the name style, then the number style out of the options of No Name/Number, Black or White.  The second last step is to add on the sponsor’s logo if you have one and finally the club badge if applicable.

Once the design has been completed this can be sent to Team Colours without any obligation.  At that stage it is possible to ask only for a quote by entering the details or if you prefer you can order straight away.  High quality print and embroidery services are available.

There is an extensive range of styles to initially choose from, with high quality fabrics for optimal performance and comfort.

Team Colours offer this same service across all major sports. Club, school and team kits can be produced according to your needs.  Teams have enjoyed the flexibility in design and manufacturing capability offered by Team Colours for many years now.

Team Colours specialise in supplying sports kit and leisurewear to clubs, schools and universities throughout the UK. In addition, they also supply school wear in small, medium or large volume orders.

Team Colours are proud to supply high quality products at competitive prices for numerous years to teams, clubs, schools and universities all over Great Britain.  If you want your team to enjoy the best performance and feel proud of their custom football kit, then order from Team Colours.

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