Team Colours Produce Custom Sublimated Basketball Kits For The British Basketball League And 2011 Range

Team Colours produced two sets of custom sublimated basketball kits for the British Basketball League in order to develop and promote their new range of sublimated basketball kits for 2011

Team Colours are excited now to launch this new range of sublimated basketball kits for 2011.  The range features six exciting bespoke designs.  This will enable teams to create truly unique sublimated basketball kits for their club.

Basketball Jersey BBL

Using the original unique Team Colours designs, customers can click on their preferred design and then go ahead and customise it.  The concept means that there will be limitless possibilities for team basketball kits.  Teams can click on the designs live on the Team Colours website or alternatively download their own custom template on the special sublimation page on the website.

Sublimation actually makes anything possible in terms of design.  It is a new technology whereby a full colour image can be directly dyed into the fabric of the garment.  It can be dyed in any size or any position.  Images can be reproduced in a virtually limitless range of colours, which cannot be washed out and will not fade over time.sublimated basketball jersey

This means that if for example a club, school, university etc. wishes to use their logo as a theme for the kit design, then with sublimation it is possible to take an aspect of it which can then be featured as a powerful motif across the club jersey for example.  With sublimation it is amazing what we can do to create strong brand team identities that at the same time have strong, creative design qualities.

At Team Colours we are very excited and inspired by the potential of sublimation.  The design team are here to help customers explore this to its fullest potential.

Team Colours are proud to supply high quality products at competitive prices for numerous years to teams, clubs, schools and universities all over Great Britain.

Team Colours are the proud manufacturers of this range of sublimated basketball kits, but also make custom tracksuits, football kits, rugby kits and a vast range of sports kits.  They have been supplying sports kit and leisurewear to clubs, schools and universities throughout the UK for many years.  In addition, they also supply school wear in small, medium or large volume orders.

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