New FIFA rulings demand matching colour baselayers

Recent rule changes by the IFAB (International FA Board) regarding permitted clothing managed to grab headlines this month, but mainly for the ban of the now famous snood. The change comes into effect in the middle of summer, but despite most attention going to the dangerous scarf worn by premiership stars, additional rules made alongside it have deeper impacts at all levels of the game.

Despite versions of the rule being in place it has now been fully clarified that all football player’s undergarments, such as tights and the increasingly popular performance baselayers, must be matching in colour to a team’s kit. This was confirmed by Sepp Blatter at IFAB’s 125th Annual General Meeting and takes effect from the professional leagues through to Sunday league.
This is a change that will affect teams & players as well as sports retailers; the undelayers are generally popular in all seasons, predominantly for performance enhancement, and will need to become available in more colour options to suit the ruling. Generally offered in a plain black or navy – and in high tenacity moisture-wicking stretch fabric – they have not often been made with custom considerations. There is also the consideration of female sports including women’s football needing lighter colours or fitted tops, or demand for adapted alternatives for summer and winter seasons. It is for this purpose that Hertfordshire-based teamwear provider Team Colours have released a full range of custom baselayers and undershorts.
As bespoke manufacturers of sports and leisurewear, Team Colours are primarily focused on providing unique garments to specified needs. The new selection of performance teamwear arose in response to different sports interest in tailored undergarments. And for the spring season and summer tournaments to come, Team Colours offer a varied series of custom extras; select a standard or optimum fabric, specify short or long sleeve, add thumb holes or turtleneck collar and of course, specify fabric colour.  The custom appeal makes this garment ideal for both men and women in a variety of team & individual sports, and a key item to suit demands of modern sport.

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