Team Colours New Makeover

Team Colours Old Website Design
Team Colours first webpage

Following an ambitious and revolutionary project, involving nearly a year of development and redesign, Team Colours have unveiled their brand new website & automatic quotation system.

The new development is the latest in Team Colours 10 year history as a company. The first consisted of a single static page with an address and telephone number displayed for reference back in 2001. Later editions have included different categories and forms,

Team Colours Old Website Design
A later website development

the most recent allowing customers to submit enquiries for further communications, but now the site has gone one step further in allowing online quotes and payments.

Team Colours Old Website Design
The First enquiry based website
Team Colours Old Website Design
The till now most recent design

Providing fully bespoke sports and leisurewear, customers can now input individual designs and logos on a variety of custom options and extras, a previously difficult service to provide online when considering varying cost factors. Until now this has stood as the main obstacle to online customer service, but a remarkable new achievement using complex programming and CMS incorporates all these factors, allowing a greater customer service and support than ever before. A clever series of calculations can note your fabric, collar, lining or zip options for example on a custom tracksuit, and provide the correct and accurate price instantly rather than relying on vague estimates.

The site is an industry first; customers can request fabric or product samples, specify custom printing or embroidery, chat live to sales staff during the day and make safe online payments via HSBC Secure server or Paypal. The original options to place standard enquiries or design your own garments online are all still in place, never has a customer had so much control when it comes to online shopping.

You can visit the new site yourself by clicking here, we have set up a mini survey and form and would welcome any feedback you can give to help improve it further.

The New Look Team Colours Website
The New Look Design

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