Team Colours lead renewed interest in custom sports schoolwear

Schoolwear has always been an integral part of any school’s branding and public image. The way students represent themselves in public through various uniform and school clothing reflect the tradition (or lack of) of the institution while emphasizing the colours and motif of the school, making for a vital piece of promotional marketing. The need for specific colours and tailored designs has always been of great benefit to trade manufacturers, as well as the printing and embroidery industries.

When it comes to school sportswear however, this can often be left as an afterthought with regard to specific school uniform. Many are content with off the shelf solutions in a single colour, for a general physical education kit for example, and fail to match their branding with a representative flair and distinction.
This can be down to lack of options; for a school using navy, red and white it can be very tricky finding a stock PE shirt that contains a combination of these colours, while also matching the specific tones of the schools swatches. For a school’s sports team, in which their best sports players represent the school in public as a major showcase for its achievements, it can be difficult to match the high standard of school uniform in providing tailored colours and stylish designs. There is then the added issue of matching a uniform football, rugby, netball or any other sports kit in similar fabrics, or leisurewear items for school trips and events.

Issues like these benefit manufacturers who can provide fully bespoke options and a wide clothing range, such as Hertfordshire based sports and leisurewear supplier Team Colours. When it comes to custom sportswear, they offer the complete solution; select from many designs in a wide range of team sports, select fabric and fitting styles, collar and sleeve types while also affording separate choice colours for panels, piping, zips and other sections. The wealth of choices from one company allows colours and fabrics to match a full collection of distinctive branded clothing.
Every school’s circumstance may be different in terms of creating and maintaining a proud and unique image. But when a high standard and guaranteed continuity is required, a bespoke manufacturer such as Team Colours provides the one stop solution to quality school sportswear.


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