Design tools now allow instant quotes

Team Colours have recently updated their popular designer tools site – – with an exciting new connectivity option for online orders. This great new development is the latest step in providing customers easy access to fully bespoke sports and leisurewear items.

Following Team Colours new site launch in March of this year, customers are finally allowed to get online quotations and complete online payments for custom products, the first time this has been possible in their 11 year history. The next stage was in allowing users of the fun custom design tools at the same opportunity to get quotations and place orders for their unique team creations.

The capability involved a tedious process of connecting each custom option to a large database, while calculating the added costs for the user’s specific selections, but has been a fully worthwhile investment of time. Now a new visitor to Team Colours can get exactly what they require and view their design prior to an order, making for greater usability and better customer satisfaction.

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