Sublimated Design allows new team kit possibilities

Team Colours, the Hertfordshire based specialist manufacturers of bespoke sports kit, have always provided their customers with plenty of useful design options. A constant innovation of products and services in key team sports such as rugby, netball and football are an expected part of the custom design industry. This summer they have unveiled their latest sportswear designs with the focus in dye sublimation fabric.

Sublimation printing is a new technology by which a full colour image can be dyed directly into the fabric of a garment, at any size, in any position. The image is reproduced in a virtually limitless range of vibrant colours which will not fade and cannot be washed out.

It is not difficult to imagine the exciting possibilities of this technique compared to traditional printing and embroidery.  A school, university or team logo, or perhaps a particular aspect of a badge could feature as a dynamic motif across the club jersey. A high resolution photograph could compliment the team’s traditional colours or a stylish piece of artwork could fade into the fabric to give a subtle yet powerful impact.

While the appeals of this new and dynamic technology are obvious, marketing a process of unlimited possibilities becomes a surprisingly difficult task. Firstly a customer needs to understand the process, how it can be more cost effective than printing a badge, team names and numbers separately, and how it appears on the fabric. Secondly the design can be too limiting or too confusing for a customer; producing a set of template designs contradicts the custom element of sublimation, while asking the customer to design relies on their creative flair, and becomes a taxing alternative to traditional stitched designs.

It is for these issues Team Colours are trying to make the process as simple as possible. They invite you to send them any image, scribbled design or brief description, along with your colour preferences and essential sponsors or logos, and then let them produce a high quality visual of a proposed team kit design. This process helps to offer all the flexibility of unique sublimated design while also providing a personalised approach to each customer requirements.

This is the Team Colours experience – DIY kit design – and for those with even greater ambition for their team, Team Colours sublimation could be the answer.

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