Next Generation Online Sports Kits Designer Tools Are Proudly Launched By Team Colours

After long months of intensive development and design, Team Colours, the UK custom sportswear manufacturer and designer, has re-launched their extensive range of sports kits online designer tools.

Originally released over 3 years ago, the Team Colours range of online sports kits custom designer tools have helped lots of UK sports teams design their own custom kits online, which have then been produced in high quality fabrics by Team Colours.

Over the years the popularity of these handy designer tools has snowballed and the in-house development and design team have been hard at work over the past months in order to bring this range of tools onto the next level.

Now Team Colours is proud to launch the next generation online sports designer tools, which can be used with greater flexibility and potential, to design football kits, netball kits, rugby kits, polo shirts, tracksuits, t-shirts and much more.

These sports kits online designer tools have been developed from a simple flash based program and through the recent months of design and development are now far more intricately detailed.

Team Colours’ online designer tools now give greater control to the customers, who can not only utilise the tools for a wider range of garments but at the same time be able to see their design ideas take on a life of their own, when the quote is given and then the requested kits or garments are produced and delivered.

Some of the features included across the range of sports kit designer tools are:

  • An extensive range of design patterns to choose from
  • A fully customised colour selection tool
  • Customised collars, sleeve lengths, or additional custom garments are now optional
  • The option to upload team badges, sponsors and other artwork to position and resize on designs
  • Customised text fields for initials or sponsor printing

These tools enable anyone to easily mock up designs for, let’s say as an example, their team’s new football kits online.

A person does not necessarily need to be especially artistic as the template style designs are supplied on the designer tool.  Therefore it is just a question of experimenting and design mock-ups and final designs can be saved to your PC, printed or you can go to the checkout to order.

As well as football, kits can be designed and produced across most other sports, plus the tools can be used for hoodies, polo shirts, ties, t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Team Colours have been supplying high quality products at competitive since 2000 to teams, clubs, schools and universities all over Great Britain.

If you want your team to enjoy the best performance and feel proud of their custom team kits, then order from Team Colours.

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