Team Colours Launch new team competition

Team Colours today launch a new colour based competition aimed at amateur league clubs of all sports. The Team League involves teams signing up based on their team’s main playing colour, then potentially winning a prize if theirs is the winning colour.

Unlike recent Team Colours competitions the focus is on giving whole clubs a prize perfectly suited to their team, in either matching playing colours or with a custom print, but all with the intention of demonstrating the possibilities for great custom teamwear.

Team League

Custom Colour Baselayer

For the opening prize draw we have a set of great performance baselayers to give away for a whole team in their specified colours, the draw will be made in mid November.

All registered teams will get a mini-icon displayed in the ‘Team League’ and be registered for all future competitions, a great way of sides from across the country from all different sports to compete.

To sign your team up and join the Team Colours Team League click here, winners will be notified via email but will also be announced via our Facebook page

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