World Netball Series: The Netball Dress Review

Now the teams depart from Liverpool and the dust has settled from England’s glorious upset over the big two, many questions have arisen about the future of Fastnet, the various squads and netball’s future in general.

The big question for Team Colours though, who wore the best looking dress this weekend???

New Zealand Netball Dress

New Zealand
The previous champions looked to make a statement on the court but kept it subtle with 2 colour netball tops in their traditional black and white.

New Zealand struggled throughout the tournament, losing to Australia and Jamaica on route to the final, where they lost by a 7 point margin

The standard Addidas option looked professional no doubt but lacked the flair,

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Australia Netball Dress

Also a hot favourite in any netball tournament, the Australians were the first side to play netball in dresses and have gone for a sublimated yellow and green number with matching colour patch bibs.

Australia had a strong tournament, winning all games but one and narrowly missing out on a final. Although they lead the medals tally in every other tournament, the fastnet rules seem to throw them as they still have yet to win at this tournament.

The dress is a decent effort, we like the colours used and simple stars pattern of the dress,

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England Netball Dress

The new champions used the home support and strong squad to their advantage, and though always a threat in major tournaments they will have surprised many with their display. England sport a two colour dress with gold embellishments, a stylish number to match their performance.

Despite losing some of the earlier games England came good in the later rounds, beating Australia then New Zealand to win the last England based World Series. Many will now wonder if they can maintain this consistently into other events.

Back to the dresses though, and we think this ones a stylish and elegant winner,

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South Africa Netball Dress

South Africa
South Africa certainly didn’t dissapoint with their sublimated design, a mix of greens, white and yellow in a random swirly pattern gave them distinction and character on the court, but sadly couldn’t give them the performance.

South Africa gained just 2 wins in the tournament over Fiji, losing out to the other four sides. While none had tipped them to win the fastnet game is somewhat designed to benefit smaller teams and should promote more surprise results.

Their great effort in showcasing an orignal netball dress pattern makes them our netball dress champions,

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Fiji Netball Dress

For every South Africa there’s a Fiji, and their dress drew just as much attention. Comments on Twitter included ‘Not sure about that Fiji kit – it looks like a car crash on a dress!’ to give a gist of the opinion.

Being yet another underdog in the tournament, Fiji didn’t manage a win in the 3 day event, their closest being a 6 point loss to South Africa. The gap between the top 4 and the rest has always been fairly large and is further demonstrated by these tournaments.

They didn’t win in the netball, and sadly not in the dresses, perhaps the design’s patriotic style is one count in their favour,

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Jamaica Netball Dress

Jamaica have gone for an interesting mix of yellow and black kit, keeping the main body plain and using the leopard print style pattern sparingly for effect.

Jamaica started strongly, winning 4 from 5 of the early rounds, before slipping up to the big two towards the end. 4th is surprisingly Jamaica’s lowest finish in the World Series, showing how unpredictable the Fastnet can be.

We would say points for originality and colours, but its not our cup of tea,

kit rating: 3 – Give your rating below

For a serious discussion of England’s tournament visit England Netball or get all the scores and results on the World Series Website.

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