5 things Team Colours look forward to in 2012

Following our article last month about highlights of 2011 for Team Colours, we wanted to start the year with some bright optimism about things to (hopefully) come this year. Here’s 5 we can think of to start…

1.The Olympics!

The biggest sporting event in the world is coming to London in case you somehow didn’t hear, and we’re looking forward to this and a bunch of other events that could make 2012 a fantastic year for sport in the UK. We even have our own Olympic themed project in store, with a series of custom tracksuits and running tops produced to star in ¬†British film Fast Girls due for release this summer, look out for that one!

2.Team Colours Online App

We’re joining the 21st century and have begun development on a mobile site/app for smartphones and tablet devices. There is still much to do but when live this should make it easier than ever for customers to browse our products and find information on the go!

3.Website development

Last year saw a Team Colours overhaul on the website with a shed load of features, but this year we want to go further to help customers find and create their exact requirements. Improved menu layout, simpler enquiry forms, promo codes and greater social interaction are all aims for 2012 to boost customer satisfaction.

4.More giveaways

Last year Team Colours made more special offers and competitions than ever before, giving away some excellent custom prizes for individual players and teams. This year we want to continue that trend with themed competitions and promotions, while continuing the offers on social media such as our Facebook only discounts.

5.Shiny new sales staff

Team Colours are expanding their horizons with vacancies for new sales staff. Click here to find out more information.

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