Team Bath grab final Netball superleague position

Team Bath beat Yorkshire Jets on Friday to snatch the final top 4 place in the new Superleague format.

The yellow and royal blue netball kits of Team Bath edged a 4-goal win over Jets to finish above them on goal difference and secure 4th spot. This would not usually be significant at this stage in the season but new rules divide the top and bottom half making it much harder for lower teams to now progress in the later stages.

The top 4 has been made up of the predictable favourites Hartfordshire Mavericks, Surrey Storm and the still unbeaten Northern Thunder, but 3 sides were still in contention for the final spot until the final round of fixtures last week. Now each half will face each other twice more with the winner of the lower half getting a single shot at the Superleague trophy, this shakeup promises more intensity to these final fixtures and closer competition between evenly matched sides.

Team Colours will be keeping an eye on the tournament as it progresses and look forward to the exciting finale to come!