Sublimated Netball Kit, Leotard and Dresses

In the last few years the Team Colours promotions for fully custom sublimated netball dresses have seen some excellent, unique and trendy designs created for various teams. Now our range extends to not only netball dresses, but leotard dresses and full kits to allow a mix and match sublimated team kit, our widest choice ever.

Often with team kit selection there is a conflict of teams deciding between a kit or dress, as some members of the team want different things. While many of our netball kits can be adapted for dresses and vice verca, this is not always possible and has not been available for sublimated dresses until now.

Sublimated Dress
An example sublimated dress

The new offering allows a team to settle on a design, which can include any mixture of images, photographs, text, badges and sponsors, then select a quantity of tops and skirts, dresses or leotard dresses, while always keeping the same colours and team look. This option not only makes sublimation a more appealing option but allows adaptive changes for the benefit of the whole team.

To find out more about the netball sublimation process and download a blank template to draw your own design, click here and visit team colours netball sublimation. Or you can browse some of our recent sublimated dress designs on Facebook.