Choosing the right colours for your team kit

When it comes to your team’s kit, getting the colours right can be a bigger decision than you might think. While there may be an obvious choice or idea (sometimes made for you) there are a great number of extra factors to consider rather than a simple ‘red or blue’.

Often your team will have their main colour in mind; a rugby team called Blazin Inferno’s will probably have to play in red, the Black Panthers in black. Your average pub team may make the decision based on available colours in stock designs, or feel compelled to emulate other teams, but there is much to be said for a stand out design in a choice of custom colours.

Colours are important to a kit design; though you play in blue you may wish to use light blue and navy contrast. Some Team Colours kit designs for sports teams feature a third colour option such as trim or piping to make interesting combinations. The choice is entirely up to you, use colour options available to make a loud, colourful design and look boldly distinctive, or make a subtle mix of colours for a professional and high quality outcome for your team.

Emma Netball Kit
This Custom Netball Kit design allows for 3 colour options

Other things that can impact your colour choices are personalisations. If your sponsor’s logo is a large orange square this could upset the original design you had in mind, so complimenting all prints and artwork is essential. You may wish to rebrand your team in a new colour scheme, but be careful not to betray the team badge that could still be in your original team colours. Extra prints such as names and numbers need to stand out, so deciding on a generally light or dark colour scheme will help, this also applies to netball bibs where positions need to be clear.

These factors all need consideration, but with bespoke manufacture they needn’t be difficult choices. The ability to match any custom colours, make specific alterations and add custom printing means a sports team should never feel the need to settle when deciding your sides ultimate branding tool, your team colours.

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