Effective Team Branding

In the modern era of sports, in which top level clubs are run as businesses and winning carries much greater importance than something to cheer about, teams are always looking for extra ways to gain an advantage. While the core aspects of great players, strong management and squad cohesion are always most important, there is an increasing look to the fine details of sports success through various statistical analysis, diet and exercise management or tailored individual coaching.

An increasingly important aspect of psychological sports preparation is in team branding.

All teams, be it football, rugby, netball, hockey or any other sport, must have a name and almost all have a badge or icon to represent them. This may be simply to identify themselves but the common uses of a symbol or mascot will often carry other strong connotations for the team and represent winning virtues.

Netball Bodywarmer
Netball Bodywarmers are a great custom team branding item

In American sports it is particularly common to see the team name (usually an animal or powerful force eg. Tornadoes) splattered everywhere on team apparel, leisurewear, stadium signage and novelty items to reinforce the name as an intimidating force over opponents. Other key branding signifiers are the badge design, team initials and of course, the common team colours.

Team Colours appreciate the significance of team branding and are passionate about creating a consistent style and message throughout a team’s clothing and accessories. A comprehensive range of sports are covered, and for each sport, other numerous styles of actual team kit, there are complementary teamwear garments – for example, tracksuits, warmers, fleeces and sweatshirts. Complementing a coloured team kit with matching leisurewear items such as training tops, warm-up jackets or bags can further enhance that all important team brand, and deliver the desired winning message.

The importance of team branding cannot be underestimated and needs to be considered by any sports team at any level, for more information about the range of products available please contact us on our site.