Product Samples FAQ’s

Team Colours offer samples to make sure people know what they are ordering when looking at custom options on products…

So, we can get samples for products?

– Yes, and not just for products. Need to see how a particular colour comes out in a certain fabric or to see a particular design, we can send samples to answer your niggling query.

Ok, how much would this cost?

– Nothing! all samples are provided free of charge providing you return them.

Any costs at all?

– Ah ok. We do ask you pay the return post on samples, but we send it out for free.

I have a particular request, can I see a sample?

– Well that all depends. We will look at what stocks and samples are available but we can send samples of particular options such as a collar type or to see sleeve piping, even if its not in the colour and fabric you are planning.

What about seeing my design before I order?

– A combination of samples and mockups are recommended. Use our designer tools or contact us for a mockup drawing of your design, then get samples to make sure you’re happy. The time needed to produce the garments, usually to a tight deadline, makes this the best method rather than ordering initial quantities and follow-up orders.

Links to order samples can be found on our site and on any product page.