10 Reasons you’ll love our new website

We’re super excited about the new look team-colours.co.uk and all its new features, here’s just some of the cool things that are new and improved….

  1. Super Speed – A major concern to customers has always been the slow loading of our webpages and time taken when ordering. A new system allows faster pages over half their original size to load quicker with all the same options.
  2. More to read – Over 15,000 words have been hand written into all the sites new sections and products, giving more information about ordering and process, leaving you more in the know…
  3. More to see – Hundreds of images have been added to glamorise and inform, with customer examples and demonstration photography of process and options.
  4. It’s all sorted – Sort and refine your products by name and price, junior and adult or custom and stock to find the exact product you have in mind.
  5. Find the best – New badges point out popular choices, best value and ideal products for teams to give you a better idea of what’s hot
  6. Cool products – A new product page shows all your custom options and makes it easy to add all your sizes and quantities.
  7. Here to help –The emphasis on a more conversational site has added to our new help and FAQ section, with many ways to ask for help and advice.
  8. Easy personalising – A new personalisation section makes it easier than before to get accurate quotations on cool printing and embroidery to add to your garments.
  9. Easy login and payment – Login with your email address, access previous orders plus add products to our new wish list – control to you!
  10. New offers – A new section for teams to get massive discounts on custom printed garments for limited periods, keep your eye on deals as they come.

Give it a go and click here to give us your opinions..

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