5 Things to consider before ordering sports kit

Its new season time again and many teams will be looking into the possibility of new kits or team sportswear. Well regardless of sport, traditions or particular requirements here are a few options you will likely need to consider…

1.Which type of product?

Seems obvious enough that you are looking for a netball kit or rugby shirt, but browse our site and find there are many alternative options available. You may want to switch to a netball dress or leotard for example, there is now the option of sublimation printing for most sports or specialised tri-mesh panels and reversible styles. Its needn’t be as limited as picking your sport.

2.Find the design for you..

You may have your colours set in stone but with certain designs a second or third colour can be added as contrast or subtle combination. Styles can be made in any colours and combine tops with shorts/skirts, stock with custom. Using our sportswear designer tools its easy to mock up the right colours for your new kit.

3.Any special requirements?

Now for the real details in customisation – adapt collar style, long or short sleeve, add an extra piping or remove sections unwanted, its entirely up to you. Premium fabrics can help create unique designs while sublimation allows unlimited possibilities for design and colours. Chat with us to discuss whats available for your team.

4.Get personalised

Once the basic design is sorted theres the personalisation to consider. Single and full colour printing allow for sponsor and team badge to be added, plus names and numbers individual to each player. There is also embroidery available for the classic stitched look.

5.Any optional extras?

With the team look you can extend beyond the kit, making for a consistent brand and professional appeal. Match the team badge to polo shirts or training hoodies, events ties or on a set of team bags. Other printed sportswear items such as training bibs or water bottles are also available.

All these things considered give the guarantee of top quality unique teamwear results that will give the added momentum in the season ahead. To find out more about any of the options mentioned here please contact us.

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