Team Sports Rundown: Rugby

Rugby is another of Team Colours top bespoke sports with a massive range of team kit styles and options. Here’s a basic rundown of the variety and choice available when looking to order…

Matchday kit

Printed Rugby Shirt
An example bespoke rugby shirt

Starting with the actual team kits and there are some key styles and types to mention and distinguish. After deciding between a kit package deal or individual shirt, there is the choice of a traditional stitched pattern or a smooth sublimation print. While one style gives greater control over custom options and specifications, the sublimation option features unlimited design capability and includes all sponsors and artwork at no extra cost. Other options include semi reversible styles to offer an alternative strip or stock shirts with faster turnaround and same printing and embroidery options. The wealth of choice for  rugby team shirts ensure you can always get the exact design you require.


Beyond the on-field clothing there are heaps of products that must be considered when building a strong team look. Matching colour items, such as bespoke team tracksuits or hooded tops can be a great training or warmup item for maintaining a team brand, or custom colour baselayers with printing that ensure a consistent style.

Rugby Baselayer
A rugby performance Baselayer

For off field events and rugby tours there are also great custom and matching colour options available. Printed shirt designs, custom polo shirts, bags and ties could suit a wide range of rugby events.

Team Colours also offer the everyday essentials tailored for your team. Stock and custom team jackets, printed drinks bottles and holdall sports bags are just some of the options. Need training bibs with your logo? Need player trophies? Tell us your specific requirements to see what options we can offer for you.

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