5 Key choices for Rugby kit design

If its time your rugby team looked towards ordering for the new season there are plenty of choices and options open to you. Here we summarise just a few decisions that you may have to make…

1.Stitched vs sublimated

This is more a question of fabric than of design, but when deciding between regular stitched design or sublimated the flexibility of design is a key factor. While traditionally stitched designs have strong colour and classic appeal they can limit creativity, and sublimated designs can be made from any traditional look, sublimated look or a new look altogether.

2.Design and colour

Our custom rugby shirts have over 40 different styles, including a selection of semi reversible styles. While your team may have one main colour some designs have 2 or 3 colour choices that allow you to get specially made style and colour choices. To try out various colour combos use our rugby shirt designer tool.

3.Need the full kit look?

Your team will of course need not just shirts but a full team kit to play in. While shorts and socks rarely get as much consideration it might be cost effective to look at our kit package deals which can also include shirt number prints. This option also allows you to match socks colours and perfect a stylish team look before getting it all covered in mud.

A custom rugby shirt example
A custom rugby shirt example

4.Sleeves, collars and panels

Once your design and colours are settled you can play with custom options such as sleeve length and collar style. Some stitched designs make printing difficult and may require patches, design options may need further discussion with our sales staff to make sure you get what you’re looking for.

5.The finishing touches..

Before finishing your order stop to consider any custom personalisation options that can help turn a unique design into something really special. Maybe a fancy team badge embroidery or player name prints, you may also have sponsors to fit into sections on your design, just be sure to add them to get an accurate cost quotation.

We hope to offer enough choices and alternatives to meet every teams needs, if you have any particular requests please contact us via our website.

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