Effective methods for seeking team sponsorship

Sports clubs generally rely on extra funding to get their new team kits together, and team sponsorship is an essential key to that funding. With tighter budgets it can be tricky to secure team sponsorship, here we discuss some tactics to get the all important  support.

Asking about…

It may seem like the most obvious advice, but approaching companies and individuals is the first step that people often neglect. Assuming that most wouldn’t be interested or that you are hassling people is the attitude that prevents people from making enquiries and leads to no reply. Focus on the benefits that a company may receive from reaching a wider audience and a deal that would suit them, get together a realistic asking price and approach businesses that would likely suit this kind of sponsorship.

Its a numbers game

Though you may face rejection or short reply it makes sense that the more people asked the wider chance of a positive interest. You’re a team, so pool your contacts for connections and leads then spread the word; if a team of 15 each knows 5 businesses they or their friends or relatives work with that’s 75 leads for possible sponsorship! Plus having a personal link to the company can always help..

Manchester United have different sponsors for matchday and training kit


Once you have your full kit quotation its just about reaching that one off figure – so fundraising events such as auctions might be an easier option. Small businesses might not have money to spare but could submit a prize or voucher as a simpler promotion for their company. Dont underestimate your team’s wider support for helping out.

You’re the agent

Remember its your team and your kit, so you can negotiate the deals as you see fit. Offer a cut price for money up front, offer alternative sizes or positions for different rates, there’s no rule to stop you including multiple sponsors on front, back, sleeves, shorts, maybe even on training kit. Its all about mutual benefit to your team and your sponsor, so ironing out terms so that everyone is happy will encourage other sponsors and future investment.

Be sure to gain a full quotation from Team Colours so you can gauge likely costs, including adding personalisation such as sponsor printing. Please also enquire with sponsors about logo artwork as this may affect costs. To discuss price options and the best deal for your teams needs please contact us directly. Best of luck!

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