Automatic Quotation Help and Advice

Team Colours website is (like its clothing) custom built for its requirements. The advanced system allows customers to get specific quotations on their orders based on many factors, and may need a little explaining. Here’s some advice and things to consider

Custom options

Many of the custom designs on our website feature alteration options. These can include extra skirt length, fabric, number printing or collar type for example, and sometimes incur an extra cost. The extra options mean there is no flat cost for any custom product and the price may ultimately depend on the options selected. Not to worry though, all extra costs are provided in brackets next to any option and the base cost (show as from £x.xx) is provided at the top of the page. Adding these options allows customers to have greater control over designs but be sure to select exactly what you want to avoid any surprises at the checkout.

Minimum quantities

Some bespoke kits are created for teams and are easier made in team quantities. Making individual kits or very small runs can be done but may incur a small surcharge per item. Again these costs will be relayed when selecting below a minimum quantity and are removed should your total quantity reach the minimum. For example a minimum order of netball kits is five, ordering 2 in size 10 will prompt the minimum quantity popup, as will ordering 2 in size 8 and 1 in size 12, but the total would amount to 5 and the surcharge will then be removed. Surcharges can also be removed as part of a top up repeat order but for this reason is smarter to get a quotation for your whole team rather than for one kit and multiplying that number for the total.

Personalisation section explains terms with examples


Our website can also detect your selected personalisations and gives you the chance to specify them. The range of printing or embroidery sizes and types is wide ranging which can make selections difficult, but this will affect pricing of the quotation. Using reference images and selecting the correct size and type of personalisation is essential, plus adding the full amount of personalisations for the full quote. There may also be a setup fee for your artwork and potentially a redraw needed should the artwork not be of the standard quality, these factors will be assessed upon viewing artwork so upload some if you can. The menu allows multiple personalisations on one item or over all items in the basket, so be sure to add all your details.

Placing an order

When you arrive on the checkout page your products and quantities are listed, but to receive your quotation a contact email is required. This is to enable us to check your quotation for any errors and to ensure you have the best price available, plus it triggers a documented quotation instantly emailed to your inbox for reference. From here orders can be adjusted, added to and completed, either by card online or by alternative method. If the order is for custom products and of a certain quantity there may be an option to pay just half initially and the remainder upon despatch of goods.

We are confident in the advanced abilities of our automatic quotations website and hope to provide the best communication with customers. If you need to discuss an order or have any trouble please use our live help or contact us via the website.

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