New Website Features: Team Shopper

Get a quick rundown of the kind of custom options open to your sports team with our nifty new personal shopper tool! For the first time a personal email with your team details can summarise some products with links to help create a discussion about your teams requirements.

Team Colours offer a massive series of products and options to help your team look and feel the part on matchday, in training or even at tours and events. While it can be hard to communicate all the teamwear options up front, especially to a whole team of players, we have devised a simple mailing with some help and information. We currently have specific mails setup for football, rugby and netball with plans for more in future, but you can always contact us for a rundown of option ideas. The hope is to inspire clubs to consider different alternatives or to create a wider discussion about products your team may want to pursue, simply visit us and type in a few basic details.

Visit to find out more. Simply tell us your team name (to visualise on the products!), your teams playing colour (its nice to customise) and email address (top send it to). Shopper emails are free with absolutely no information collected and no obligation to reply. So try it out, or contact us for more information…

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