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One of the tricky drawbacks of offering such a wide ranging selection of printing and embroidery options on our new website design is allowing customers to order this with an automatic quotation. The latest version has undergone a massive overhaul in the latest attempt to give a clear and straightforward interface, which can also allow teams to place fast and correct orders for their team.

Step 1 – the first step is to ensure you select printing or embroidery on your product options. This is available on all custom clothing (except basketball) and a selection of stock items.

Step 2 – the prompt. When you are finished selecting all the sizes and quantities of all the products for this order then follow the link, either on product page or in the top menu of the website, to visit basket and complete order.

If you have selected personalisation a prompt will remind you of this selection and ask if you wish to add details. It is essential that you add these details now or before ordering to get an accurate cost factored into your quotation. The prompt will re-appear every time you return to the basket page until the details are added.

Clicking ‘OK’ will take you through to our personalisation section (

Step 3 – add your details. In this new section you will find all the products in your basket displayed, based on your selection of printing or embroidery. Begin from left to right by adding your details from the drop down menus, the options will automatically update based on your choices.

If you are unsure of the terms used, hover over the ‘help’ text for a visual guide to aid your understanding. All of the options must be filled in before submitting your info, if not you will be prompted to finish. The type and size will affect cost, however the position is only for reference. Use the tick to save each row or the plus to add extra personalisations to each garment.

Step 4– upload images. This is an optional extra that may be of use. If you require your badge or sponsor printed we will need you to supply the artwork, which you can upload here with your quotation. If you dont have the artwork to hand its fine as this can be supplied later, however the sooner we are able to view the artwork the sooner we can assess the image quality and inform you if we need a better version. This is also important should the logo need redrawing as this will incur extra costs.

When all artworks are uploaded click the large ‘save all’ button at the bottom to return to the basket. Your added personalisations should be displayed with the products and costs will be factored in.

This process can seem laborious and confusing, but is a remarkably complex achievement for our website. There is no quotation service quite like it on the net, and can provide faster accurate prices than ever before. Please feel free to try it out with your order and contact us with your feedback.

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