Team Kits for niche sports

Beyond the big sports in the UK lie a vast wealth of lesser known and less populated sports that receive little to no attention. While this collection of niche crowds may hold certain appeal there is little in the way of specially made teamwear, and that’s where we can help.

Roller Derby Kit
A roller derby kit adapted from netball styles in fabric with printing

Celebrate the Variety

This summers Olympics have been an exciting showcase for sports that otherwise never receive media attention. Women s football gained record crowds and viewing figures while many encountered handball, shooting and equestrian events for the first time. This exciting flurry of unique sports has promoted them considerably and seen a steep rise in sports participation, which can only be a good thing if only short lived. An issue many can find however is when trying to find the right teamwear and equipment for their chosen sport. Beyond the basics of sports and fitness clothing, not many sports stores in the UK will stock roller derby kits, ice hockey shirts or korfball clothing. American sports such as baseball and american football may lead some to import team kits from across the pond at massive freight costs, which surely can’t be the simplest option.

You’re better off bespoke

Whatever your team requirements, talk to Team Colours. Our range of designs for popular British sports such as netball, football and rugby can be made in a variety of fabric, colour and other custom options, meaning they can easily be adapted for another sport. Need a traditional collar on your team’s polo shirt? Looking for fleece lining on some flyball jackets? What about lots of printing on a lightweight roller derby dress? Whatever the sport, its always worth looking into Team Colours’ list of alternatives.

Team Colours has a great history in developing kits for niche sports. We hope to offer the right options and can often work from an initial drawing, photo or description. Please get in touch to let us know what you need, and we will be proud to inspire those underground sports to get the attention they deserve.

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