Netball clothing advice from a netballer

Dress or Top & Skirt??

What is more flattering? What is more comfortable? What is best for movement? Which is not going to ride up? At Team Colours we are always asked the above questions by our customers and the answer for me is netball dresses!

Questions answered

Most teams have a mix of sizes/ages/positions that all have different requirements and questions when it comes to choosing a kit. I am going to try to help you all by answering some of these questions…

Some players tend to have the opinion that dresses are for younger/fitter players and that they cling to the bits you don’t want them clinging to!

If the right style and size of dress is ordered then I have seen less clinging in dresses than tops and skirts.

If you take a look at this basic diagram it makes it quite simple:

Netball kit and dress clingliness

In my experience I have seen more flesh on the court from ladies in tops and skirts due to the gap between the two, and more ladies trying to pull down their tops and being distracted from the game than those wearing dresses.

As dresses are just one piece they are much more flattering and feel much more comfortable when playing.

Playing netball needs you focused you shouldn’t be worried about what you are wearing getting in the way! In my dress I forget about what I am wearing and all I think about is the game!

We promise you will look and feel great on court! But we can’t promise it will help you win, that’s down to you!!

Go for it, try it out for your team by wearing a dress and feel comfortable and confident on the court! You won’t regret it! See the best kits and dresses here:

Look out for next article, which fabric is best?

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