5 Different Sports You Need to Try This Summer

If you’re bored of the bland and boring gym environment, you may be tempted to alter your fitness regime this summer. While there are plenty of fitness regimes that can be enjoyed alone in the heat of the summer sun, such as running and cycling, there are also a number of sports that may be even more beneficial. Taking up a new sport will provide you with an enhanced skill set, an opportunity to train different muscle groups and could also be a great way to socialise with other fitness enthusiasts. Here are five sports that Team Colour’s think you need to try this summer.

Get into the spirit of Wimbledon by taking up tennis this summer. It’s never too much of a challenge to find a spare tennis court, but ideally you want to make the most of the sun and find one outside. No matter whether you are playing with beginners or professionals, you are sure to be getting competitive. Tennis can help you to burn around 550 calories an hour, so if you are looking to lose weight this may just be an ideal choice.

Start practicing indoors in the colder months and come summer you will be ready to play your first round of beach volleyball. If you love to be beside the sea during the summer months, beach volleyball is a fun sport that you can enjoy at your favourite beach locations. With every serve you will be toning your arms and the dynamic nature of the game will help you to build great abs, legs and chest muscles too. Volleyball is just as easy to enjoy in the city, so leave your bikini and get dressed in your volleyball kit if you want to enjoy the sport all year round.

Golf may not look like a sport that is particularly active, but it does involve more endurance than you may first realise. There’s a lot of walking and there is certainly a lot of hitting practice. You will still have a chance to relax in the sun and enjoy soaking up the rays without enduring the pressure of an intense workout. With lightweight and comfortable golf kits, you will be able to keep cool and dry whilst burning around 300 calories an hour.

If you prefer a sport that is a little less regimented, you are sure to love the flexibility that orienteering can bring. Take a hike to some of the best natural environments in your area and test your physical fitness. Orienteering is all about exploring and navigating new landscapes, so map a plan and take a whole day to test your endurance and stamina. There’s nothing better than enjoying sunny summer views and exercising at the same time.

For many, sport is all about being on a team and focusing on a goal. Bowls is a great sport to play if you want to develop your team skills and improve your hand-eye co-ordination. The sport is somewhat of an art form and is incredibly popular in warmer European countries where outdoor living is all part of the lifestyle. Get some friends together, start a team and practice your perfect bowl on warm summer evenings. With the right kit, you may even be able to enter local competitions.

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