Top 5 Tips for Taking up a New Sport this Summer

There’s no better time to take up a new sport as the summer approaches. If you feel like your fitness levels aren’t what they could be but you feel uninspired by the gym it’s likely you need some exercise inspiration. A new sport will add variety to your workout and also give you an opportunity to acquire a new skill. Taking up a new sport is always more daunting in your head than it is in reality. So, to get started why not follow Team Colour’s top tips for taking up a new sport?

What will you enjoy?

Don’t waste time worrying about your skills and fitness levels, because everybody has to start somewhere. The key question you need to ask yourself before taking up a new sport is ‘what will I enjoy?’ By all means you should listen and try any recommendations from your family or friends, but you know yourself best. If you take up a sport that you don’t find fun, you’re guaranteed to quit relatively quickly. Choose a sport where you know you will have the most fun as well as a great workout, regardless of skill or whether you know anyone. If you’re not the competitive type, you could always opt for solo sports that will give you an opportunity to de-stress. But always remember if you don’t enjoy it, there is a never ending list to try.

Do your homework

Once you’ve chosen a sport that you are interested in, you will both eager and anxious to get stuck in. You should always do some initial ground work before you jump in head first. Do your research and find out the more intricate details of what’s involved. Ask around and see if any friends or family have ever given it a go. Try and get hold of any athletes involved with sport and talk about their learning experience and put some time aside to do some in-depth internet research.

Think about what questions you need the answers to before you begin. Do you need any baseline experience, skills or fitness before starting? Do you need any special equipment? Where does the sport take place? Are there opportunities in your local area? Are there evening or weekend options that work with your schedule? What is the best way to get involved? Depending on your findings you may be encouraged to get started or you may feel that finding a different sport is the best option for you.

Get Prepared

With just about every sport you need to make sure that you have the right kit. You need to ensure that you have the basics like high-quality trainers and undergarments right from the start. However, more sport-specific kits and equipment can come later, after you have made sure that you’ve found the right sport for you. But if you’re feeling confident about your sport of choice, there is no harm in investing in the first-rate sports gear for your sport right from the start. There are also important accessories to consider such as insoles, heel cups, joint support or even mouth guards that will help you stay safe when you get started.

Make a move

You’ve decided on your sport, you’ve done your homework and you’ve got the right gear – now it’s time to get in the game. You should first attend a beginner’s group or practice for the activity and try it out. Your research should hopefully have pointed you in the right direction to a session that suits your needs and abilities, as well as your schedule. If you’re feeling a little nervous, why not ask a family member or friend to attend with you on the first day? Once you’ve made friends on the team or in the group you will feel much more comfortable to carry on.


The most important part about taking up a sport is to properly commit to it. Learning new and unfamiliar skills takes time and you should try and patient with yourself. It can be difficult at times and often truly frustrating, especially when you see the coaches and others around you who have been playing for longer succeed. However, it’s imperative not to give up. Persistence is key, so commit to your sport for at least a month before you decide whether it’s right for you or not. Once you get past the learning curve, you may discover your new found passion for sport.

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