5 Alternative Benefits of Joining a Sports Team

We all know the major benefits of joining a sports team. You’ll get in great shape, you’ll learn leadership skills and you can have fun all at the same time. We’re told time and time again all the way through school that joining a sports team is one of the best things you can ever do. However, not everybody is motivated by the idea of getting fit and making new friends. Some prefer the solidarity of working alone. However, here at Team Colours we’ve come up with five alternative benefits for joining a sports team that you might not have thought of.

Reaching decisions faster

Everybody has struggled with decision making at one point or another. You can be the most confident and self-assured individual and still falter when it comes to making important decisions under pressure. Joining a sports team is one of the best ways of making decisions faster and more efficiently than before. You’ll learn that hesitation at a crucial moment could cause a loss for both you and your team. Being able to assess a situation with speed and accuracy is a skill that will benefit you in all aspects in life and is an ability that you will come to treasure.

Being more aware of others

You may think that you are aware of other people, but joining a sports team will enhance this skill enormously. Working as a team will help develop an acute awareness to the body language, mood and personality of others. In the heat of a sporting moment, you need to be able to read your team mates like a book. This skill is invaluable in life and you will benefit greatly from being able to effectively consider your friends, family or colleagues when it comes to making decisions. It will no longer be about what is just best for you, but about what the best possible outcome is for everybody.

Managing stress more effectively

We all know that exercise relieves stress- something which has been proven in endless scientific studies. The regularity of team training, seeing the same people every week and coping with high intensity situations on a regular basis will all help you to manage stress, rather than just relieve it. Working out at the gym may relieve your stress temporarily, but it won’t teach you how to manage your stress effectively in the long run.

Improving your social skills

Depending on your line of work and your home life, you may not have much interaction with others on a day to day basis. We are living in an increasingly digitalised world, and many of us spend more time interacting with our computers than we do with each other. Before too long you may have forgotten what it was like to interact with other people on a daily basis. This isn’t healthy for any of us and especially those who found socialising difficult in the first place. Pushing your boundaries and joining a sports team will give you a unique opportunity to enhance your social skills. A sports team incorporates all of the same values that you should aim to incorporate into your day to day life. Communication, co-operation, approachability and camaraderie are all skills that will add great value to your life.

Increased motivation

Being self-motivated is a fantastic personality trait. If you’ve got a pep in your step and get up and go all year round, you are one of the lucky few. Many people believe they have high levels of motivation, but there is a fine line between motivating yourself and piling up the pressure. Being part of a team does wonderful things to your self-confidence. The support of a team can really motivate you to approach day to day tasks with a positive attitude. You will find yourself wanting to rally up a team spirit wherever you are.
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