Top Sports for Getting You in to Great Shape

It’s all very well spending hours pounding the treadmill, but when it comes to your overall fitness, there is nothing better than getting involved with team sports. Not only will joining a team enhance your physical wellbeing, it will also do great things for your emotional and mental wellbeing too. There are plenty of fun alternatives to visiting the gym and hundreds of different sports that will keep you fit and healthy – here are our top five suggestions for team sports that will really whip you into shape.


If you are looking to build whole-body muscle and improve your cardio simultaneously, you need to join a full-court basketball team. These players run continuously and cover a huge amount of distance. Dashing from one end of the court to the other and hustling in between makes for an intense workout. Playing every minute of each 15-minute quarter can have you burning around 509 calories on average.

Water Polo

Staying above water is the aim of the game in water polo. All that non-stop leg churning in order to stay upright and move around the pool really keeps the body working. Not only are you trying to stay upright, but you are also using your upper body to catch and throw the ball. The natural resistance that water creates means that team water sports can build incredible muscle.


A game of rugby truly puts your body to the ultimate test. The combination of running, tackling, throwing and catching makes for an incredibly rough, but full-body workout. Pushing against the opposition in scrum will develop great muscle strength, as well as flexibility and endurance. Every 40 minute half will probably have you burning around 424 to 590 calories – a burn you will certainly feel.


If you are searching for a cardiovascular workout, a football match is the best place to start. With plenty of twisting, darting, jumping, kicking and running, football will give you the best results in terms of cardio. Players run an average of eight miles per game and 45 minute half will burn an enormous 477 to 664 calories.


With plenty of stop-and-start training, netball has all of the benefits of fartlek training. This fast-paced game will have players doing plenty of dashing from one side of the court to the other. Netball can also do wonders for upper body strength, especially precision chest passes. Although you may burn slightly less calories than the others, netball is truly fantastic for building lean muscle tone.

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