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Why You Should Try Fencing

British National Under 12 Champion for 2015

Fencing is becoming increasingly popular around the globe as a way to keep fit and learn the art of combat. At Team Colours we are seeing more and more fencers approaching us who are interested in buying our customised tracksuit jackets, which we are now supplying to prestigious club, Salle Paul.

Based in London, Salle Paul offers its members a range of ways to get involved in the action from taster sessions to beginner courses for adults and children. The club was established in 1931 in the heart of Covent Garden by Professor Leon Paul, who instructed most of the leading British fencers of the time. Although it was forced to move premises due to bomb damage during the Second World War, it maintained the reputation for excellence which it still holds today.

A competitive sport which is practised worldwide, fencing involves using replica swords – the foil, epee and sabre – to score points by hitting your opponent while moving back and forth on an area referred to as the piste. We have put together three reasons that you should give it a try below.

  1. It Helps You Keep in Shape

    Your flexibility will improve through fencing. There’s plenty of lunging involved, as the deeper you lunge and the further that you stretch, the more chance you have of striking your opponent but keeping out of their way. This will benefit the flexibility of your thighs, hips, glutes, shoulders and your upper and lower back. Your leg strength and endurance will also improve due to lunges, recoveries, and forward and backward movement in the on guard position.

    It’s also great for anaerobic fitness due to the periods of intense activity followed by recovery time. Before too long you’ll notice that you can work harder before lactic acid builds up in your muscles, helping you to carry on at your best. Fencing develops your aerobic fitness too, as your heart and lungs will get a workout during the recovery period. Coordination is a further plus point – your movements will become much smoother as you practice attack, defence and counter-attack moves.

  2. It Will Prepare You for Life’s Challenges

    There’s nothing quite like the psychological battle that you experience while fencing. It demands self-discipline and teaches you how to establish long-term goals. Particularly useful for younger participants, it encourages you to understand that you do not always have to win to be successful. While you may not have the knowledge or skill to beat a particular opponent or to be victorious in a tournament, meeting your personal goals is just as important. You will also regularly have to accept authority by adhering to decisions made by referees.

  3. You Can Meet Some Great People

    As part of a fencing club, you can build long-lasting friendships. Many fencers have met some of the most important people in their lives by sharing the trials and tribulations of training together and attending tournaments. It provides great stress relief for children, students and busy professionals alike. Whether you win or lose, you’re guaranteed to have a great time while learning to fence.

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If you live in London and want to learn to fence or train at Salle Paul, visit www.sallepaul.co.uk. If you want to find a club near you, use the club search at www.britishfencing.com to get fencing.

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