The Top 5 Pre-game Rituals in Sports

Athletes can be a superstitious bunch. If you win one game after doing something weird or unique, you may find yourself wanting to do the same before every game. Whether you’re a fan of tribal war dances or attacking commentators with talcum powder before the big game, there’s one pre-game ritual which every successful athlete needs. Whatever your sport make sure that you step onto the field, court or pitch in high quality custom sportswear from Team Colours today.

The Haka

Without any shadow of a doubt, the Haka is the most aggressive, most intimidating pre-game ritual in professional sports. Imagine facing off against the All Blacks – New Zealand’s rugby team – after watching them slapping their arms and thighs in perfect unison, shouting at you in a foreign language. This Maori war dance has been performed at every All Blacks game for over 100 years, and when it’s directed at you it is terrifying.

Whatever Usain Bolt Feels Like Doing

The greatest sprinter the world has ever known is exceptionally good at pleasing the crowd before he even takes to the starting blocks. From telling the crowd to shush to doing the robot, Usain Bolt is always a joy to watch. He says that he thinks about anything but running until moments before the race – maybe that’s why his rituals and celebrations seems to change with every race – we’re still fond of his shuffle – but whatever Usain Bolt feels like doing, both before and after his races, you can almost guarantee that all eyes will be on him.

The Powder Clap

Michael Jordan is famous for more than just the movie Space Jam. This basketball legend had an infamous pre-game ritual in every game which Johnny Kerr found himself commentating. Just before the game he’d take a handful of talcum powder, approach the commentator’s table and clap his hands in front of Kerr. According to Kerr this was just because Jordan loved messing up his nice suits. The fun didn’t end with Jordan’s harmless pranks though – Kerr was known to retaliate, with everything from wearing a gas mask to redirecting the powder back at Jordan with a table fan.

Sleeping with the enemy(’s clothes)

NCAA and NBA champion, Jason Terry, has a bizarre pre-game ritual which he kept going since his days at the University of Arizona. Terry would wear his opponent’s basketball kit to bed the night before a game – presumably because you can’t be intimidated by an outfit you’ve worn as pyjamas. If you’re looking to take up this bizarre ritual for yourself, simply get the design and make the basketball kit here at Team Colours.

Bobby Moore’s shorts

Not only was Bobby Moore one of the top 5 British sportsmen of all time, he had a fascinating pre-game ritual which he must have felt made him play better. Curiously, Moore was always the last person in the changing room to put his shorts on, claiming that it kept his shorts well ironed, and kept the crease smart. Before one game when Martin Peters, his team-mate at West Ham, caught wind of this ritual he put the idea to the test. He waited for Moore to put on his shorts, before taking his own back off. Moore, adamant in his ritual, took his shorts back off in protest.

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