The Atlanta Hawks Earn Big with their New Kit

If you ever wonder whether ordering a redesign of your kit is worth the effort, then have a think about the success of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club’s striking new strip.

The recently unveiled uniforms are receiving praise for the tribute they pay to the team’s fighting spirit, its heritage and the broader culture of Atlanta itself. So what’s all the fuss about?

One of the most talked about elements of the redesign concerns the colour of the uniforms. The red, white and blue scheme the side has used for the past eight years has been dropped in favour of torch red, Georgia granite grey and volt green. It’s worth noting that the inclusion of volt green is not just a first for the Hawks, it’s a first for any NBA side.

Another first for the Hawkes is the inclusion of shoes, socks and shoelaces which have been specially designed to coordinate with the rest of the kit. In fact, coordination is a key theme of the new uniform as all of the shirts, shorts, socks and laces can be mixed and matched. This makes the strip versatile, and appealing to fans who want to buy replica kits.

The other most striking element of the new uniform is the V-shaped feather pattern that adorns both the home and away shirts, and also runs down one leg of the shorts. The design gives the impression of a hawk, with its wings sweeping upwards ready for attack.

Symbolism plays heavily in the new designs, and the colour scheme was also chosen with specific imagery in mind. Torch red denotes a passion for the game, Georgia granite grey represents strength with a solid sense of integrity and volt green is for the brave, innovative, energy displayed by Hawks teams in the 1970s.

White is still the main colour for the home jersey, but Georgia granite grey is the base for the first choice away shirt, and the second away jersey is torch red. Overall, the colour scheme is said to reflect the diverse and vibrant Atlanta culture.

Steve Koonin, the club’s chief executive officer, said: “Our new uniforms accomplish those goals in a bold manner that is both true to Atlanta and how we operate our business.”

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