5 Reasons Why Cricket is one of the Best Sports Ever

Here at Team Colours we’re huge cricket fans. With the T20 cricket World Cup about to get underway, a lot of people are wondering about the sport. Perhaps you’re from a country where cricket isn’t popular. Perhaps you’re a Brit who has simply never understood the sport. Either way, as expert manufacturers of custom cricket clothing, we think cricket is one of the best sports we ever exported to the rest of the world, and here’s why:

It’s a mental game

Cricket is a game of patience and composure. There is a lot of physical movement in cricket and it takes a lot of skill to bowl a ball that fast and that accurately. Likewise it takes a lot of skill to hit a ball that hard, travelling that fast. Unlike its cousin, baseball, cricket can be drawn out over a matter of days. You need a lot of patience when a test match lasts for 30 hours of play spread over 5 days. In order to play at your peak for that length of time without faltering takes an incredible level of mental strength which you simply don’t see in anything outside of competitive chess.

It’s a highly social game

When a single game takes as long as a game of cricket does, you find yourself spending a lot of time with your team mates. Team cohesion is incredibly important in cricket, as if you don’t like someone you spend 30 hours playing with per match, you have a problem. In cricket you cheer when your team mates get runs, and when your team mates cheer for you, it’s your mates who are cheering for you.

It’s not just the players who are sociable though, as is evidenced by the infamous cricket beer snake of ’01. The cricket fans of the world are a unique breed who love their sport fiercely.

It’s beautifully simple

Unlike football (American or otherwise), baseball or rugby where the rules are quite complicated and can vary depending on the league or tournament, cricket is incredibly simple. All you need to play it is a bat, a ball and a second player to join in the fun.

Also, unlike football or rugby where trying to explain the game mid-match can be a tense and frustrating experience, you will have no shortage of time to explain the game to friends who haven’t yet grasped what an ‘over’ is.

The players have amazing hair

Cricket is home to some of the most incredible beards, moustaches and hairdos ever seen in professional sports. Contrary to popular belief, cricket isn’t a game of boring old men in white jerseys – modern cricket clothing is bright, fun and colourful. Quite often the same goes for the players’ hair. Case in point, Colin Miller, WG Grace, Mushtaq Ahmed and Doctor Who.

It never takes itself too seriously

Cricket is about as laid-back as competitive sports get. Fans can enjoy crosswords and tea breaks as you play, nobody is afraid to show up in weird and bizarre costumes, and if the weather is looking a bit rubbish and rainy we can all just pop inside for a bit. Cricket is a game which brings people together, often for a cup of tea.

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