The Benefits of Starting an Office Sports Team

There are many benefits to joining a sports team. Sports teams can help you get out and meet new people, get you fitter, healthier and happier. An opportunity which a lot of people tend to miss out on is starting a sports team with people in your office. You may be worried that broaching the idea in the office may be met with groans and half-hearted agreements from your colleagues, but when you look past that, there are a whole host of benefits to starting a sports team with the people in your office. Whatever your reasons for starting a new sports team, make sure you start off properly with high quality custom sportswear for your team.

Get to know your colleagues

How well do you know the person on your left? You may know their name, possibly the name of their other half or beloved pet cat, but how well do you know them personally? If you want to keep your office motivated, knowing how to motivate them is pretty important. What motivates one person may not motivate another, and you won’t get to know what motivated whom until you spend quality time with them – sports is one such way to get to know them personally.

Build team cohesion and morale

One of the reasons we wear school uniforms in the UK is to build team spirit and cohesion. Wearing the same high quality sportswear as your colleagues does exactly the same for your team spirit. If you want your colleagues to think of each other as more than “just the guy from accounting” and inject new life into your team, sticking them on a sports team together is a great way to get the proverbial ball rolling.

A healthy team is a happy team

If you want your staff to stay happy and healthy, locking them in an office from 9-6 every day is not the right way to go about it. Taking every other Wednesday afternoon to go play touch rugby or a friendly game of 5-a-side in the park will get your team on their feet and moving around. There’s no denying the positive effects that sport has on concentration, focus and morale.

It’s a different way of training people

If you’re the boss, team sports are a great way of training your staff. If you’re not the boss, this can be a great way of showing off your management and coaching abilities. Either way there’s a lot that your staff can learn from sports, from stress management to conflict resolution.

Free advertising

If you were to go to the park to kick a ball around, doing so in high quality custom football shirts which show off your company logo is tantamount to free advertising in your community. This is doubly useful when you’re hiring new staff – people are more inclined look into joining a company which is seen to be taking care of its employees like this. If you can find your way into a league with other local businesses, that’s another way to boost your advertising and networking ability.

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