Top Tips for Becoming a Better Team Player

The most successful sports teams in the world are comprised of individuals who understand that being part of a team isn’t all about them. Being a fantastic team player is an invaluable skill and one that will stay with you for life. Taking part in team sports is a fantastic way to develop these skills. However, being a team player doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Independent and head strong individuals can find it difficult to fit comfortably into a team player environment. Here are Team Colours’ top tips for becoming a better player.

“We”, not “me”

One of the most important aspects of team sports is learning how to be a “we” player rather than a “me” player. You know your own skills and talents, which is why it can be incredibly tempting to simply play a game to satisfy your own ambitions. Counting how many points you’ve scored or how many great tackles you’ve made serves no real purpose for the team, but makes you feel good. This is a “me” player. To become a “we” player you need to always keep in mind that you are just one part of a team and you should be committed to helping the team succeed, regardless of your individual role. Ask yourself this: “Would I be happier if I played really well and the entire team lost, or if I didn’t play as well but the entire team still won?”

Encourage others

A sports team is also a support network, and it’s crucial for players to encourage and help each other. It can be easy to keep to yourself when you’re on a team, but investing time in your team mates outside of the game will make you even stronger during play. Not every player will be naturally motivated to work hard, and some team mates need an extra push. Encourage your team mates to spend time developing their skills as you develop your own. The extra practice will help you all improve and will help boost the confidence of the entire team.

Make sacrifices

It’s important to make sacrifices for your team every now and again. You can’t be the hero of the game all the time. You need to be willing to make sacrifices for your team. This may mean giving your team mate the opportunity to score a fantastic goal or sitting on the bench every now and again to give someone a chance to play. No matter what sport you play, certain sacrifices will not only help you to win, but will enhance your team’s skills. You may not always be thanked for the sacrifices you make, but your team will certainly be a lot better off for your selfless attitude.

Be a fan

You need to be your team’s number one fan. Even when you’re not wearing your custom team kit and you’re sitting on the sidelines, it is important for you to still be able to show your support for your other team mates. Your team will especially need your support when they are not playing at their best and they are beginning to feel discouraged. Keep a positive attitude and cheer on your team. It can be difficult, especially when you are losing, but being able to boost your team’s morale is the mark of a true team player.

Avoid the blame game

When things start to go wrong, it can be all too easy to start pointing the finger at one another. Competitive sports can be highly stressful and bad games can really take their toll on a team. This can often cause fractures in team relationships. It’s important to learn how to stick together and pick each other up after a loss. Nobody is perfect and mistakes will always be made, so there’s no point holding a grudge. Learn how to overcome a loss and correct the mistakes which are causing problems. Every loss is a learning opportunity to help your team improve and a great team player will be able to remember this and stay positive, especially during tough times.

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