The Facts, History & Rules of Lacrosse

300px-Ball_playersThe origins of lacrosse date way back to the 1600’s in Northern America. French explorers observed the Native Americans playing the game, however slightly differently to how we play today. The name Lacrosse identified the sport after French explorers noted how similar the sticks used to play were to the cross that a Bishop would carry (crosier). Before the French explorers gave the sport a name, it was known as “Baggataway”.

 10 crazy but true facts you probably never knew about Lacrosse!

  • Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States
  • Lacrosse is the fastest game to be played on two feet, that’s an accomplishment too!
  • The rules were originally created way back in 1794, when a tribal game between Seneca and Mohawks was played.
  • The original inventors of Lacrosse were Native Americans, however the details on how the game was played are a mystery.
  • The Native Americans are credited for setting the foundations of Lacrosse along with the French.
  • At some point in the 1800’s the French began to play Lacrosse.
  • Crazy fact of the day is Indian Lacrosse was played with big numbers from hundreds to thousands of players!
  • In 1890, the first women’s lacrosse game was played in Scotland.
  • Bizarre but true! In summer 1763, a game of Lacrosse was played by two tribes to distract British soldiers to recapture Fort Michilimackinac.
  • Believe it or not, the game was originally used to toughen up young men for war!

The Rules and Regulations

  • Each team in men’s Lacrosse has 10 players, three attack men, three mid-fielders, three defensemen and a goalie.
  • Women’s Lacrosse rules and field dimensions are different from men’s. Each team has 12 players, usually three midfielders, four attack, four defence and a goalie.
  • The field is 60 yards wide and 110 yards long.
  • The ball is kept in play by being carried, batted or thrown with the crosse.
  • The ball cannot be touched by the hand, expect by the goalie.
  • At each goal, a plainly marked circle must be marked which is known as a crease. This circle should be marked using a mid-point of the goal line as the centre and drawing a circle around that point with a radius of 9ft.


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