Custom and personalised leisurewear

Have fun in all weathers and wherever you are, with custom and personalised leisurewear from Team Colours. As specialist manufacturers in custom made sports kits, teamwear and corporate clothing we can offer you a large range of services including, printing, embroidering and visual mock ups.

This year has proven to be very successful for the custom onesie. With endless amounts of benefits ranging from warmth, comfort and practicality to comfort, fun and fashion, the onesies have become very popular for sporting events, tours and teamwear, festivals, occasions and camping.

With the tour season upon us and the festival season approaching, why not get online today and design yourself a custom item that see you through any element that the great British weather may though at you. Choose from custom hoodies, tracksuits, onesies, polo shirts and many more.

No matter what the event, trip or occasion Team Colours can Help. Contact us today to see what we can do for you….

0845 421 3883

Our top selection of tour season must haves

Tour season is just around the corner, are you prepared? Check out our suggestions below and make sure your 2013 tour is one to remember!

Our hoodie designer tool enables you to design stylish, modern, fun and warm hoodies for
you and your team. Choose from a variety of fabrics, sizes and colours combinations, to
create your own personalised style. All hoodies are available with printing and embroidery,
perfect for tour names, logos and slogans.

Click here to visit our hoodies designer tool.

Our Polo Shirt designer tool allows you to choose from a range of 18 different styles to colour
and personalise how you wish. Polo shirts are available in mens or ladies fit and come in a
choice of either Poly-Cotton mix or Team Colours own Moisture Managed Sublimation.

Click here to visit our polo shirt designer tool.

T-shirts are great for tours, they are lightweight, durable and can be paired with most day to
day clothing. For those on a tighter budget T-shirts are a great option as they are available
in a choice of colours and can be printed or embroidered anywhere on the shirt and are cheaper
the polo shirts. T-shirts come in one single colour but are available with multi-colour printing.

Click here to visit our t-shirt designer tool.

Our tracksuits are suitable for any sport or occasion, whether it’s for your company or for a team,
we can offer you the most affordable prices for tracksuits on the net. Our tracksuits designer tool
will allow you to pick a tracksuit style from a number of options available and then colour your
chosen style accordingly, thus creating your perfect tracksuit.

Click here to visit our tracksuit designer tool.

Our website caters for all levels of creativity and offers a state of the art custom ties designer tool.
Here you can choose from a selection of tie templates to fill with your preferred colours and logos
or you can submit a design of your own. Club ties have proven to be very popular over the years
and a great accessorie for team tours. Custom made ties can be made from either silk, or polyester
and personalisation can be printed, woven or embroidered depending on personal requirements.

Click here to visit our ties designer tool.

All of our custom items are machine washable except silk ties. Includes all printed
and embroidered items.

All you need to know about custom ties

As bespoke manufacturers of sportswear and corporate clothing, custom is what we do best!

Our website caters for all levels of creativity and offers a state of the art custom ties designer tool. Here you can choose from a selection of tie templates to fill with your preferred colours and logos or you can submit a design of your own.

Click here to visit our custom tie designer tool >>

Custom made ties can be made from either silk, or polyester and personalisation can be
printed, woven or embroidered depending on personal requirements.

Why choose a custom made tie?

The tie will be unique to you and can be designed to any requirement.

Team Colours offer a range of stock ties in a variety of materials including silk, polyester,
wool and microfibre. With over 300 designs to choose from ranging from stripes and
polka dots to floral and tartan you really are spoilt for choice.

All stock ties come with the option to personalise; methods depend on tie detail and pattern.
Logos, sponsors, and text can be woven, printed or embroidered onto the tie in
full colour and in any position.

Why choose a stock tie?

With stock ties delivery is quicker and there is no minimum order quantity, which makes
them perfect for occasional wear and events.

Click here to visit our custom tie page >>

Bundle Offers

If you’re thinking of ordering new kits for you and your team this season, then why not save yourself 10% and take a look at what our bundle’s can offer you?

Team Kits/Dresses (minimum order of 7)

Design the perfect kit for you and your team with our state of the art designer tool. Choose from a variety of styles, fabrics, colour combinations, sizes and personalisation options to create a unique image that really gets you noticed!


Shorts will reflect kit colours and style.


Team hoodies are available in a choice of colours and come with free single colour personalisation in the form of your team logo on the sleeve.

Football Shirt (minimum order of 10)

Design your own custom football shirts for you and your team using our football designer tool. Choose from many styles, fabrics, colour combinations, sizes and personalisation options to create your dream shirt!


Shorts Will reflect kit colours and style.


Choose from a range of baselayer colours and sizes.


Choose from a variety of sock styles that best suit your kit.

Click here to contact us and we will discuss a bundle that is right for you!

Free delivery when you spend over £200

Team Colours are offering free delivery on all orders over £200 for a limited time only.

Mainland UK only. Offer not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

To claim your free delivery visit our website.

London 2012: Unfamiliar Olympic sports explained

Get to grips with those sports we will be watching in the coming weeks…

Powered by article titled “London 2012: Unfamiliar Olympic sports explained” was written by David Hills, for The Observer on Saturday 21st July 2012 21.01 UTC


The details 28 July-5 August, Wembley Arena. 86 men and 86 women compete in singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Matches are the best of three, players trying to reach 21 points by a clear margin of two.

What it is Frantic. A battle of speed and tactics as players fire shuttlecocks at each other’s heads at speeds over 200mph.

What it is not That game you play in the garden. The stars China dominate. Men’s favourites are Dan Lin, Lee Chong-Wei and Long Chen; women’s are Wang Yihan, Wang Shixian and Wang Xin. Brits Imogen Bankier and Chris Adcock have a chance in the doubles. Continue reading London 2012: Unfamiliar Olympic sports explained

Sports Hypnosis-Why It Can Make You A Top Performer

Tactics for football, netball, golf, basketball, and all sports that you can imagine don’t always just come down to training and a clever game plan.  Psychological elements have become increasingly important and these can include the use of hypnosis, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and the choice of colours for football kits, netball kits, basketball kits, golf clothing and so on.

Hypnosis has been used by professional athletes and Olympic teams for many years now, to give them a mental advantage over their opponents. If you take part in sport you will be familiar with those annoying moments that happen when some distracting thought, self-doubt, lack of certainty or some bad habit cuts through your performance, for what may be a tiny moment in time.  Yet this tiny moment in time has just lost you the flow of concentrated play, and in retrospect, this tiny moment in time is what changed the outcome of the game.  And you lost.

This is where hypnosis can help.  Sports hypnosis gives players and athletes the ability to perform automatically with the best techniques. Hypnosis opens the subconscious mind to accept and achieve perfection.  Playing any sport competitively requires an eighty per cent mental focus and agility.  Hypnosis can trigger this state of being.  One example of a famous sports personality who uses sports hypnosis is Tiger Woods.

Although many people have strange ideas about hypnosis, due to stage hypnosis, hypnosis is nothing more than a relaxed state of consciousness.  A therapist can create an environment in the subconscious mind where stress and relaxation cannot live together.

This then enables a player/athlete to be unaware of distracting thoughts and results in a fluid, automatic sports performance. This can and is also used by amateur players who wish to play their sport as well as possible, for enjoyment and of course the pleasure of a top performance.

Through hypnosis a therapist can access and guide the outcome to a response, so that an athlete reacts without compensation, hesitation and with the proper techniques.  Think about that feeling that comes when driving, kind of on auto-pilot, when your reactions seem like second nature and it seems to be effortless.  This is how it feels like to be hypnotised.  There is nothing weird about it, in fact it is natural and healthy state.  It is in this state that you can achieve success in your sport, or for that matter, any given area, with less effort.

For sports people, whether professional or amateur, the therapist can weed out any bad habits or counter-productive thought patterns or responses and will work with you to replace these at a subconscious level with better strategies, that will come to you automatically when you play the sport after the required amount of hypnosis sessions.

If you are reading this and are wondering how many sessions you will need, there is no rule of thumb.  Each person is different and the great thing about sports hypnosis is that you will know yourself when you feel that great natural confidence and automatic ability to play to your best ability.

Let’s take a quick look at the difference between the subconscious and the conscious mind.  The conscious mind is where we store logic, reasoning, analysis and decision making.  In the subconscious we house identifications, associations and learned responses.

Examples of the subconscious mind at work are when we are walking.  We do not have to make a decision to place one foot after the other foot. So with sports hypnosis we are working with ensuring that the habits in the subconscious mind are positive and will enable a top sports performance.  Hypnosis is often used in conjunction with guided imagery and visualization.  Depending on the sport and player/athlete, this can be customised to include the most relevant and meaningful images.  A good therapist will walk you through very detailed guided imagery, which could include descriptions of the stadium, football kits, netball kits, combined with the feeling of excitement as you score that goal or whatever your sports aim is.