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Sublimated Goalkeeper Kits

Make your goalie stand out on the field with our sublimated goalkeeper kits. Our kits include the shirt and shorts, so you can create a unique design that is guaranteed to make your goalie identifiable on the field.

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Downloadable Template

Design Your Own Sublimated Goalkeeper Kits - Download Blank Template

From £45.80

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Sublimated Benefits

Choosing sublimated goalkeeper kits are highly beneficial. This is a print on fabric process which allows the ink to fuse with the fabric. What this means is that it is of the highest quality, it's exceptionally durable and long lasting and it doesn't fade, even if you wash the items daily.

Quality Fabrics

We carefully source our fabrics, with all fabrics being hand selected to ensure the finest quality. With fine quality fabrics we are able to offer strong and durable clothing for all types of sports with our goalkeeper kits fabric being selected to ensure they are breathable and comfortable for the player.

Our kits come with a blank template where we allow your creativity to flow, creating your own goalkeeper kits which are completely unique to your team.