Choosing A Badminton Racket-Which Head Is Right For You?

Whether you play badminton for fun and fitness or you are playing more competitively choosing the right badminton racket for you can make a serious difference to your game.  The kind of considerations that are important are the type of head as well as the weight of the racket.

As a beginner to badminton you may wish to choose a racket which allows you more flexibility, however more experience badminton players need rackets which has very little flexibility so it doesn’t detract from your very fast swing.

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When it comes to knowing which head will be right for you, these days you have a choice from round or square, as well as the more recent addition of an isometric racket.

Here are the differences between the different types of badminton racket heads:

Round : A round  or oval has a smaller sweet spot but does give greater power.  When choosing this type of head you need to be confident that you can hit the shuttle accurately.

Square :  With the square head accuracy is less important so it is more suited to beginners, however this design sacrifices some of the power of the round head option.

Isometric : This is the option that many professional badminton players choose.  It offers a larger sweet spot than the others and still gives the power and control you wish for.

Other considerations to bear in mind when buying a badminton racket are the grip.  This is a very personal thing and it is important to spend time testing out how the various grips feel to you.  If you choose the wrong grip you will be overworking your muscles and tiring yourself out early.

Also test out how the weight of the rackets feel to you, as a lighter racket may seem nice and easy to handle however if you feel up to handling a heavier one then you will have the opportunity for more power and control.

There is also choices in the material that the racket is made from, which are aluminium, steel or carbon-fibre.  With either aluminium or steel you can expect better accuracy however a carbon-fibre racket is suitable for competitive play due to its aerodynamics and very light weight.

The tension of the rackets strings is also a factor.  With tighter tension you will have more power but less accuracy.

Some novices may choose to start off with a second hand racket and as they become more experienced players than they can upgrade to a racket that they know will be more suited to them.

Like any sport as well as your tools of the trade, it is important to do stretching and flexibility exercises, to build up your flexibility, strength and stamina.

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