GB basketball inspires increase in interest and support

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Great Britain’s recent push for qualification in next years EuroBasket finals has been seen a great increase in the awareness of basketball in the UK. A great run of recent victories was stopped by defeat to Macedonia on Monday night, but they are now guaranteed qualification if they can beat Bosnia & Herzegovina on Thursday.

British basketball are in the unlucky situation of being the only team GB sport needing to qualify for the 2012 Olympics, and so the team will need to reach their best form, and record their best support, if they are to be represented in such a competitive international sport. The Euro championships next year are a key to that success, and things are looking good both in the team’s form & support.

Sublimated Basketball Kit
Sublimated Basketball Kit

Basketball currently falls well behind football & rugby in the UK in terms of popularity, and can only boast one NBA player in the current side. But a number of incentives, including NBA games coming to London next spring, are helping to push up the value of national and international basketball for future generations.

One major success in GB’s recent fixtures has been the Back British Basketball campaign ( in getting fans to the matches, creating a great atmosphere for the team, and getting promotions from high profile celebrities. Their site has set out a target list of plans to help the campaign, and have already achieved half of those goals.

While it still has a long way to go, the signs are good and basketball is on the up in the UK, hopefully it can peak at the right time in summer 2012 and inspire the side to success.

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