Team Colours Produce Custom Tracksuits For Famous & Fearless Stars

If you have recently watched Channel 4’s ‘Famous and Fearless’ you may have noticed Kelly Holmes & Co sporting some great looking bespoke tracksuits for the shows.  These custom tracksuits have been produced specially by Team Colours.

Team Colours are proud to announce their involvement in the show by producing a series of different coloured tracksuits for the celebrities.

custom tracksuits famous and fearless

The celebrities who star in Famous and Fearless, wearing the Team Colours custom tracksuits, are a combination of sporting greats, soap favourites, actors and adrenaline junkies.  The stars face challenges such as car flipping, monster truck assault courses, BMX-ing, micro powerboat racing and more.  Team Colours specially commissioned custom tracksuits both look great while standing the test of tough challenges!

Take the example of BMX-ing.  BMX-ing is now a full medal Olympic sport, not just a great bike challenge for kids.  For the Famous and Fearless challenge, top BMX coach, Jeremy Hayes has been brought onto the team.  An extremely challenging track with plenty of hellish bumps was put developed to ensure a proper challenge for the celebrities.  It will be a fun experience for the millions of TV viewers to see these celebrities come off their BMXs like young kids learning to ride.

Another great challenge is the Inline Speed Skating, with the help of expert, skate champion, Adrian Wordsworth.  This one requires a good deal of balance, as well as strong nerves and fitness.  Adrian Wordsworth, winner of 24 British Championship medals, will train the celebrities.

One of the celebrity challenges, is the Extreme Abseil Challenge, is where the celebrities have to face abseiling down a terrifying edifice.  Although people have been doing this for hundreds of years, for those of us with a dislike of heights, not even the expert climbing pro, Nolan Barnwell, nor a gorgeous Team Colours custom tracksuit would convince us to do this challenge.  Good luck to the fearless celebrities on that one.

These are just a few of the amazing challenges that the celebrities will face on Famous and Fearless.  Team Colours are proud to have produced the custom tracksuits for the celebrities and the Channel 4 show.

Team Colours are tracksuit manufacturers and sports kits manufacturers, who specialise in supplying sports kit and leisurewear to clubs, schools and universities throughout the UK. In addition, they also supply school wear in small, medium or large volume orders.

Team Colours are proud to supply high quality products at competitive prices for numerous years to teams, clubs, schools and universities all over Great Britain.  If you want your team to feel and perform like fearless celebrities- then order from Team Colours.

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